@sxymynx aaahhh so cute!!! :blobaww: that looks like an interesting game :3c

@morrisdoe The first part of the game… open up and say ahhhh. 🤭😊

@sxymynx Oh, I'd have to say one would definitely lead to the other! 😈 Wonderful work...I love your lolis, they're so adorably yummy! <3

@TheEvilFairy Thanks! I just draw lolis that appeal to me and hope others like them too. I draw what I like, I guess. 🤭😊

@sxymynx Love quick peeks. Especially in public :blobamused:

@ADA Ooo… A risky public peek. Very naughty, but a nice surprise. 🤫

@sxymynx A quick peek that turned into a cute and funny game

@sxymynx Certainly looks like it, I wonder if she'll have to guess what she's licking without looking 🤫

@Ice_Vmp She gets as many guesses as she needs and a reward for a good job. 😏

@sxymynx So adorable and lovely. I'd love to play with her. 🥰

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