This is one of my favourite lolis to draw. She’s just so adorable. ​:blobheart:

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@sxymynx My heart pangs whenever I see your drawings of this sweet and sexy little girl. Thank you ♥ !

@lekeem Your welcome! I just love drawing her. ❤️

@NoInk I do too. I don’t have much of her. I should probably fix that. 🤔

@ADA Indeed. She seems happy to show it off too.

@sxymynx I wish I could be that guy because man, does that look like it would be heavenly to rub myself up against

@lolimaster No kidding. It would be amazing to say the least.

@sxymynx The world needs more darker skinned lolis. Shes beautiful : )

@SoulorFlare I totally agree. It’s a rare thing to see one for sure.

@Orikan Thank you! I do too. I think it’ll be fun to give her different styles too. It should expand the character a bit.

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