I took a few moments to draw a rough picture for all of you. I wonder what or who she's waiting for.

I added my wickr me name to my profile if anyone feels chatty. Trying to improve my social game.

My, my... looks delightful. I just love a loli in glasses that is a little chunky. So adorable. 🥰

This is the last image I’ve drawn of this loli. Which suggests I need to draw more of her. Others ask if this is Frida. It looks like her, but isn’t and was never meant to be. I see why people ask though. I should probably explore different hair styles. I wonder what this cute loli might be doing in future pics. 🤔

I just want to look at innocent lolis all day. Sigh... 😞

Everyone here has been very friendly. Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my art. I’m glad I came back to share my lovely lolis. I’m running out old art though and I don’t have a lot of time for new pieces. Maybe I’ll try and redo the one I have that I think are just meh. Regardless, thanks once again to all of you.

Here’s another of one of my favourite young ladies to draw. I think this was the first time I ever drew her. I really do need to draw her more. ❤️

This is one of my favourite lolis to draw. She’s just so adorable. ​:blobheart:

I love seeing some of my favourite loli artists posting again. It really makes me want to be drawing more too. ​:blobheartcat:

I sat down recently to try and draw a new loli, but any and all ideas left me. I had nothing but blanks. Do I draw a shy one? One that likes to show off? Solo or interactive? Nothing. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

Since she’s my profile image, might as well show this on off too. ​:blobcatpeek:

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