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This mostly a reminder for myself of ideas that I want to draw, but you all might get a kick out of it too.

🩰- Add more ballet dancers to the class. Bonde, red head, and different skin tones. Keep innocent but have one that shows off.
😈😇 - Angela and Demona pics. These should be very naughty. Oh yes!!
👉🏽👌🏽 - I should try more naughty interactions. Single subjects are fine, but I could turn up the heat a bit with some of them.
🍼 - Saw a great Pebbles Flintstone. Maybe I should try?

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Since she’s my profile image, might as well show this on off too. ​:blobcatpeek:

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Here’s some old art. At one point I had plans to have all kinds of naughty adventures with these two. Oh… so naughty… It never happened though. They only exist in my head. 😇 😈

Someone noticed that I already had an orange haired loli in my gallery. Tess wasn’t on my mind when I drew these, but I guess it shows she was in my brain somewhere. That or I’m bad at coming up with designs.

Drew Komekko's little butt and cunny being spread 😭 :blobmeltsoblove:
Also greatly improved the original version too :woah:

Out of curiosity… what kinds of adventures/mischief/situations would people want to see Tess in? I have my own thoughts, but maybe there are other ideas out there.

@sxymynx I hope everyone is enjoying this new pic of my tomboy. I decided to give her a name. It’s Tess. Short for Esther. I’ve got more ideas on what sort of adventures and situations she can get us, the viewer, in to. I like the idea of the viewer being her friend and partner in crime. Might limit some of the… interactions they can have. We’ll see. Depends how limited it is. Plus I know some fans want to see me draw some peen. Until then, it’ll be fun to develop this character.

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Tess suggested skinny dipping earlier this week. You agreed, but didn't think she was serious. She sure called your bluff. Without hesitation she stripped down to nothing and was in the water. Later as she toweled off she commented "I see you liked the swim." You try and down play the obvious and turn to get your shorts. I think she had all this planned.

You know the kind. Rough and tumble. More then a bit of a tom boy. She lived at the end of the lane.She was fine with showing off body parts like it was nothing. "What does it look like?" she asks. "Now show me yours." It was the best summer ever.

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by, liking my lolis, leaving a comment and maybe a follow. You’re all amazing! I really do appreciate it. It’s nice to know there are others that enjoy what I draw. 😊

#ロリ #幼女 #落書き

For some reason on pawoo this video was deleted. I'll post it here

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