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LOLI/ECCHII COMMISSIONS OPEN! I have 2 slots free, send DM or to my Discord for more details :blobcheer:

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Baraag へ ようこそ! :dororo:
これらのいくつかのルールをお願いします 〜

修正のない2D 3Dのアートは投稿できます。


これからよろしくね 〜 :miyano:

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Weeelllll, I just got some bad news today. To make a long story short I got laid off early last month and I need money for food, bills and medicine while I look for a new job..

So if any help would be appreciated, I do commissions info on the pic or you can contract me at [email protected] for questions or more information

I also have a ko-fi is you want to just be generous that would also be dope

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I hope to learn Blender 3D from next year...😞

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Hello, Everyone I just realised i never announced that I'm open for commissions, sorry :blobcatgiggle:

Here you can see my Price list.

here you can see some of the comms i already finished.

If you're interested, send me a PM with all the Nitty Gritty details, Only 10 slots available.


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It's raffle time! All you gotta do to join is follow me, and like and boost this post. And I'll choose from one of you guys and I'll draw whatever you like!

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I write stories with polls, read along and post what you think should happen! I have a few ongoing stories:

Your New Family

Sam and Alma Mess with Things

Older short stories with (complete)

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