I didn't notice I had this set to private, sorry about the repost

I saw what happened to snout's timmy and tommy pictures on twitter and it made me so sad!! ;.;
They seem so nice and don't deserve that kind of nastiness.
You're a huge inspiration to me, snout! Please keep drawing when you have time! :blobheartcat: :blobheartcat: :blobheartcat:

last one for tonight, got to episode 29

i'm a fan of disappointment! :blobheartcat:

i need some good lolishota characters to draw, anyone got some requests? oc is fine!

nsn 4
not a favorite theme for me so i struggled thinking of what to draw

uncles, step/adoptive parents, or ugly grandpa is the closest i can get forgive me πŸ™

this was supposed to be for nsn but i decided to go a different direction but i still liked it SO

i would like to do more with this pairing e vn e ntua l yl

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