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Art: Xierra099
Story and Dialogue: Me
Dedicated to: Translucia Baboon/Alan Moore (not really)

Posting the first 15 pages of my comic commission. The full comic is planned to be around 40 pages long. This is my first time writing a hentai comic that is longer, than a couple of pages, any pacing or dialogue issues should be attributed to that.

Xierra of course did an absolutely outstanding job on the Art front!

Art credit goes to: @xierra099

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Once again, I'm sharing the HQ versions of a commission you've probably seen on @ThunderThot 's page.

This time there's also textless versions. The HQ versions can be found here:

This will get unpinned in 2-3 weeks, so grab it while it's easy to find.

If you like this content. Please consider commissioning Thunder:
Or supporting her on Subscribestar:

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It's Halloween season, so I've asked/paid my favorite porn artist to draw me two pics. Both femdom themed cause that's my jam.

Have some Vampire Dee Dee molesting Dexter. Cause I'm into Dee Dee way more than most people would consider healthy.

And Conan the Barbarian style Conqueror Kelly. Cause Kelly's awesome, too! Star not having hearts on her cheeks is intentional.

Art credit goes to: @xierra099

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A "Lovin'Sis" comic I commissioned from @xierra099 back in 2019. It's non-canon of course, but I tried to make it feel as in-character as possible when writing it.

All art credit goes to @xierra099

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A femdom "Loud House" pic I commissioned from @xierra099 back in 2019.

All art credit goes to @xierra099

In the fourth day of Cumtober my dear brother gave to me...

April O'Neil
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Loving an alien species but never exposing them to some fun customs? Sounds pretty Tentacruel to me.
I tend to divide my drawings into 2 groups: scenarios and costumes. Had a hankering for some costume fun! Have some Penelope and Mandy the Star Drifter!

Lucoa offers her body storyboard
Wanted to try some storyboarding type thing
I might do more in the future

Damn. I’ve been not satisfied with the day 2 swimsuit drawing I did previously. I’ve been redrawing it and still not satisfied. I’ll get it eventually. Here’s the first idea I had in the meanwhile.
(Nude Ver. on FanBox)

her THICC body👀 :boner: :boner: :boner:
if I were deku I wouldn't be able to resist raping her👀 :boner: :boner: :boner:

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