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It's Halloween season, so I've asked/paid my favorite porn artist to draw me two pics. Both femdom themed cause that's my jam.

Have some Vampire Dee Dee molesting Dexter. Cause I'm into Dee Dee way more than most people would consider healthy.

And Conan the Barbarian style Conqueror Kelly. Cause Kelly's awesome, too! Star not having hearts on her cheeks is intentional.

Art credit goes to: @xierra099

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A "Lovin'Sis" comic I commissioned from @xierra099 back in 2019. It's non-canon of course, but I tried to make it feel as in-character as possible when writing it.

All art credit goes to @xierra099

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A femdom "Loud House" pic I commissioned from @xierra099 back in 2019.

All art credit goes to @xierra099

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@gosgoz Oh mate, I'm so into Dee Dee and I love well drawn porn with her! Thank you!

Especially the doodle on the left is outstandingly hot and how I picture her behaving in erotic situations! XD It'll have a very special place in my favorites folder.

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@achthenuts Ah Pearl's sketch of Aquamarine, very nice work!

I've always loved that scene. Pearl's the undisputed MVP of the show for me, for real.

Molly Mcgee Commision

You can find the Un-censored on my Fanbox.

it took me ages to do this - i dunno who made that gif, but i have to thank that artist a thousand times!

also soundtrack is from symbionic-titan


Thank you for over 100 followers already!! :blobheart:
Here are some Sensei/schoolgirl pics including some I've never posted anywhere. Too spicy for deviantart

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