@rot thank you, i literally taught myself to embroider lines just to do porn, lets thank the worst burn out ive had this year

@ThrowawayVR thank you!! once i learn to do the satin stitch correctly i can embroider colour into these and ill be a god

@sumatsuki Nice. Unique medium for art like this. Very creative.

My mother has the same scissors. She keeps them in her purse and I tell her to get rid of them because they can't cut anything. Then again, she doesn't use them for thread.

@Huburt_Pewder tell her to use her scissors to pinch randoms strangers on public transport!!!

@sumatsuki now I kind of want to get into embroidery just to make porn for my friends

@Gunner_granny ngl, its extremely relaxing, its actually very easy when u do lines only. go nuts, and youtube is ur friend when it comes to tutorials

@sumatsuki Excellent! 🌟
Definitely the first explicit embroidery I've seen on baraag and the first shota embroidery I've ever seen.

Re: "but yall can't stop me"

I can do nothing but encourage you in exploring interesting mediums, since your work can and will encourage others to follow suit. πŸ’–

Finally! Some inspiration to use for my pocket squares

Now that is a genuine idea!
Keep up the great work

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