@sumatsuki It seems they started suspending pretty much everyone they don't like as of recent. At first I agreed since they only seemed to go after violent users who were indeed harassing others... now it appears to be everyone who isn't acting like a saint. It's probably fair to assume that is the latest site to fall into extreme crystal globe culture.

@MirceaKitsune pretty sure it was over drawings. Since I barely tweet anything else and when I do it's in portuguese and nothing rude

@sumatsuki These rules were never about what's in the words. It's just an excuse they have to ban inconvenient people.

@jellymouse except they can't even accuse me of this
My tweets are porn, and me calling my moots King and offering support and love

I'm so angry

@sumatsuki probably something like "drawing porn of this is objectifying to this group and therefore hate speech" or something.
I've seen that one a few times.

@jellymouse so I just got a notification of being followed by I user so I went to check and they unsuspended me

You're probably right on that. I draw cboy art. Someone probably was upset and twitter just checked and saw I'm trans

Or something like that

@lpawz what indeed

They also unsuspended me and didn't tell me anything about it either

@sumatsuki Crazy people. At least in your case they responded: When they suspended me the second time, they offered no reason whatsoever, and even after I used the form to contact them I never got a reply.

@MirceaKitsune they just unsuspended me, didn't say they were restoring my account
I found out because someone followed me after I was unsuspended

@sumatsuki i know its pretty hipster sounding of me but, this is why i don't like the popular media sites

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