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So please do not hesitate in getting one as they come out. Also do feel free to share, donate, or just send a kind message. All the help and kindness is welcome, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.Β 

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Hi frens,
I have a fairly big announcement for everyone.Β 
Today I am launching a new line of adoptable designs. This line, which I named Sickly Sweet, will be based on the concept of life and cure, to contrast my other adoptables line Sweet but Deadly which is based on death and disease.Β 

Sickly Sweet is a very special line of adoptables because all profits will go to help a cancer patient, TonyIsaza's mother.(Β 

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Hi frens.
I've updated my prices
Just dropping by to say I'm open for comms until mid October
Check for more info

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this time is turn of Chibiusa nominated by one of our participants, you can do it too and nominate someone buying us a Latte!, Wishing of so much time draw this cute character n3n/ I hope you enjoy it too!! btw comes with an extra version >w> KUKUKU

Brewing List event being done together with my amazing big brother @Gaoru

Have you been watching tree news
If so you must be aware of the Wuhan Virus another coronavirus much like SARS

So how about an adoptable
(pwyw 15€ min)
Lemme know if you want her

Also stay safe uwu

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