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OK. It's commission time.
Commissions are open until the 21st of December
Anyone interested, dm me, telegram me, discord me.
I'll be doing a 10% discount on any xmas/yule themed piece.
Im also looking to save up 150eur to donate this year the food bank so feel free to tip towards it (I will post the receipt of everything I buy as well as the food bank sticker)

Thank you in advance to all who commission

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Still. I might get a headset and those game card thingies so I can actually stream animal crossing when I can't draw

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Yanno id probably talk on my streams if my accent didn't sound like a duck trying to eat peanut butter

Sometimes I go through my favorite sketchbook and I'm just like "these are all bangers. When did I get so good" It's so nice to like your own art as an artist. We spend so much time criticizing and be disappointed with our art, that it feels so good to just sit down and say "these all look pretty good actually"

Your art is not as bad as your brain is making it out to be.

I got commissioned by @milkscum to make some art for her VTuber persona, Celesse Souris!

Go give her a watch!

Commission - Riko x Reg - Made in Abbys

Commissions on hold. Contact me if you want to be on the next waiting list.

[email protected]

My arm is busted so I can't art for a few days
Dang it

Jade Chan (Jackie Chan Adventures)

Commission for Transformer83
Hi-Res version for pledges only.
Join my server if you want to throw your ideas into the pool, get comms, etc.


thundering and raining x.x
thankfully pupper was deep asleep so hes not panicking, still gave him his anxiety medication just in case

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