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So please do not hesitate in getting one as they come out. Also do feel free to share, donate, or just send a kind message. All the help and kindness is welcome, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.ย 

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Hi frens,
I have a fairly big announcement for everyone.ย 
Today I am launching a new line of adoptable designs. This line, which I named Sickly Sweet, will be based on the concept of life and cure, to contrast my other adoptables line Sweet but Deadly which is based on death and disease.ย 

Sickly Sweet is a very special line of adoptables because all profits will go to help a cancer patient, TonyIsaza's mother.(ย 

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Hi frens.
I've updated my prices
Just dropping by to say I'm open for comms until mid October
Check for more info

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Today last year was the first post I made here on Baraag. I remember being in a very dark place mentally at the time and I can say joining this community has helped me immensely since then. Thank you @satori for creating a place for artists to freely express themselves without the fear of being silenced. I hope Baraag continues to be the home of the amazing artists I have met on here and can continue to grow, especially during these crazy times.

Just heads up im not using my main twitter that much anymore and def not posting art there
Using my porny priv which is where I post my nudes since the folks there are more into little space

DM if u wanna follow but also no empty accounts.

sooo my headcanon is that luke is a dry cummer but what if one day,

Last month's fanbox vote winner! Miria from [email protected], you don't know how long I've been wanting to draw her :blobheartcat:

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