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Hi frens,
I have a fairly big announcement for everyone. 
Today I am launching a new line of adoptable designs. This line, which I named Sickly Sweet, will be based on the concept of life and cure, to contrast my other adoptables line Sweet but Deadly which is based on death and disease. 

Sickly Sweet is a very special line of adoptables because all profits will go to help a cancer patient, TonyIsaza's mother.(

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So please do not hesitate in getting one as they come out. Also do feel free to share, donate, or just send a kind message. All the help and kindness is welcome, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. 

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Commission Info
Sketch: 5€ - 10€
Lineart: 10€ - 15€
Flats: 15€ - 25€
Shaded: 25€ - 35€

+Background: 5€ - 30€

Icons: 10€ - 15€
Simple Ref: 40€ - 55€
Adopts: PWYW(min 10 €)

wont do:
*dirty diapers
*excessive gore
*political art
wont accept from:
*empty accounts


payment should be done half upfront, half upon completion, over paypal in euro currency

*will do humans

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Okay so since I don't know anyone here (only my inkbunny friends)

Here's a quick introduction

I'm Sumatsuki, an artist from 🇵🇹, trying to make art my job. That tiggie is my sona, the roo is my bf's.
I enjoy creating character designs based on deadly diseases and often sell them as adopts. I also enjoy drawing hams.
I take commissions almost all the time (never closed).

Crocheting, trad drawing, raising butterflies and reading are my personal hobbies.

Hope we can be friends

pls dont bully me for mainly sexualising clive recently i need my dose of trash (husband)



@sumatsuki People would always tell me that breastfeeding in public was indecent and inappropriate

Don't they realize that it strengthens the bond between me and my dog? :doge:

Big brother decided to join on the chill time with that sweet cbd oil

(I'm sorry for reuploading but I'm bad at double checking)

They are brothers yanno

Momma is a roo
Dad is possibly a tiger
We don't know he's not present

Big brother decided to join on the chill time with that sweet cbd oil

(I'm sorry for reuploading but I'm bad at double checking)

Pls bear with me and my constant deleting I messed up

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