@Bluejuicyjuice sure and I'm not sure if you're asking for permission from me but these are just fanart and I don't own these characters and if you're unaware where they're from then it's "she-ra and the princesses of power" by netflix and dreamworks.

@stuff18over im not asking for permisson dont worry. I just like this 2 characters from She Ra and eventually i will make 3D NSFW Models of them. just hype.


@Bluejuicyjuice my bad, and yeah I like them too their design are really good and so are the rest of the show tbh. and I'll be looking forward to those 3d models, more she-ra fanarts is always good.

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@stuff18over yes, i want to see more fanarts and lewd art of them, i love their relationship in the series.

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