@chano_san If only my parents let me buy $100 worth when it was first making news ;-;

@[email protected] flote.app, and there are probably wome similar Ebay's or etsy's

After two months of hard work, kadaban and I are able to finally release a short demo for the ATF community project LoCity. Please check it out here. allthefallen.moe/forum/index.p

@chano_san The World health Organization Ignoring Taiwan means they can be bought with money and relatively cheaply too.

@sjw nvm comments loaded now ;-; I'm not original

@somethinghastohappen imagine doing what ever you want but also making a lot of money doing it.

@chano_san if only bitchute made it more clear on how to make a peer2peer specifically. I've only seen one video with the "radar dish" and popping up in about:webrtc but no additional connections and the whole bit-torrent thing seems like a non-thing now because there is never another peer to connect to.

@Panzer_Maschinen gonna have to go with the loli azula every time. Prime for bullying.

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