@maximumpingas Totally not bro, look you added a commanders copula so they can see who's going to kill them!

@maximumpingas There is nothing bad about this design, unless you go over a slope or slightly tilted terrain

@jellymouse yeah setting up a account at one of the exchanges is a pain in the butt. But once you had one you could easily accept and quickly convert (or gamble) it. F paypal doesn't like me ;-;

@foodiefringus We're on the ATF rocketchat which is like discord but a privately operated server.Far more secure and moderated by the ATF staff. Just hope on and @strangefriend and I'll bring you into the channel.

@foodiefringus What you posted was really good, we're in need for a 8-dimensional movement animations (So 5 then we flip assets) of a loli character (128x128). or a frontal view VN style view in pixel art or normal art. Additionally if you don't feel comfortable doing that yet you could make tiles which we are always in need of more artist for. Here a link to simloli allthefallen.moe/forum/index.p and tell me if you would like to join :p

@foodiefringus We're looking to create a game inspired by simloli allthefallen.moe/forum/index.p we've been hammering out mechanics and lots of additions have been planned but :kannaBlob: we need character images/paper dolls for interaction and overworld views t--t.

Still looking for a pixel artist to join the ATF community project...


@jellymouse From beat saber to H3VR, Super hot, There are a lot of games that are the perfect arcade experience. God I just want to see people dueling each other in VR in sorcery and magic.

@jellymouse 100% I cringe at all the game centers that have huge spaces for LAN battles and card games but won't set up anything for VR

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