Any lewd loli pixel artist out there? DM or reply if you're looking to join a group making a 2d game.

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I have a certain experience with pixelart. Depending on the dimensions and how you are aproaching the other sprites, i may be of use.

@James_Silvercat We're building the game in godot so we can use any size and scale with most assets. I believe we're going for a overworld sprite with 8 directionial movements, and something like 192x64, (We could go any size smaller or larger, that is just our placeholder for now). Most of the objects in the world are place on a tile map, and we could use different size tile maps, overlay them ect (Godot is a little funky with it). btw your pixelart looks nice, would be glad to have you join us

I'm not sure what godot is, but i'm more than willing to help ya with the sprites and also thanks for praising my pixelart!

@James_Silvercat Godot is the game engine we're using, Currently we're meeting and doing the game together on the ATF community, are you familiar with allthefallen or have an account?

No i am not familiar with it. I'll research more onto both things tomorrow and probably come back to you with an AllTheFallen account. Already past midnight here.

@James_Silvercat me and Kadaban will be mostly working and implementing things in godot you don't need to worry to much about it if you don't want to. And we'll be on the rocketchat and we're using the gitlab page they set up, just come on and message Kadaban or one of the admins to be let in the discussion group, and we'll add you to the git when we can.

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