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This time bringing justice to Beckoning Kitty Tatamaru, but the lil version of him!
Idea here was that Tatamaru interacts with his chat live, doing stuff that chat asks him to. What if... someone asks in chat to show his pp? Tatamaru is an obedient kitty, but he'd surely be flustered about it, right? What if lil version of him didn't develop shame yet? :3c

Thank you to @ta0w0ma for wonderful execution ^^

p. 1

Some very cute bonus images from @ta0w0ma I have received as a gift for previous commissions ^^ Could be used to make a full comm of them in future ^///^

Next comish of those two. They seem to be an inseparable pair of friends 😉
Thanks to @ta0w0ma for drawing these!
The idea here is boys sometimes skips classes and run of to the nearby forest. Their teacher Kusa searches for them to discover what they were really up to all this time 😅

Uploading commissions I have received from @ta0w0ma of and
from Onmyoji - Hundred spirits kindergarten! It's a very cute animated series

First set is an alternate ending to E1S1 where Ibaraki had to use a bathroom. Boy asks Shuten to help him wear his pants since... he misses an arm 😅 He helps his friend... just to see a pp getting stuck in a zipper right in front of his face 😆 He scolded his friend for that. Here he gives in

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Addidng those since some people really liked Aoi's last Usa works.

I have commissioned Usamaro pieces a while ago
Thank you @Aogami for drawing these ^^

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