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Hello! I'm opening commissions as my laptop continues to sound like a failing car ignition :blobsad:

If you are interested please DM me! I may only accept as many as I can handle but I would very much appreciate the support! (not pictured but I also draw X3)

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Day 21 Black mail

They said follow them only one time, it'd be fun.

Well... this is the darkest of the month until now.

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cw shota, loli, pee 

Commission for Roro!

Roro and Nomi run into Luke and Ethan and they can't help themselves from hitting that! (And Luke gettin his first taste of loli~)

my drawins dont get likes here so I'm glad the smol peens got me 300+ =w=

i knew what was gonna win a day and a half ago so i'm gonna pretend i drew these super fast.

trying some new stuff so if it looks off that'd be why.

chosen via poll.

Taichi has a quite the public fetish, sometimes it can be hard to contain his urges. Even worse, his poor junior Daisuke just can't say no to his senpai!

This work was inspired by a FanFic I read many many years ago as a teenager, and combines my love of Digi-Boys with the thrill of public sex.

Commissions are open! Feel free to send me a message if you're interested! And follow me on my main account on Pixiv:

This was the first image i did for the idea, a route 1 encounter during the night! To get Nick to join your band, you have to walk a very fine line between letting him trick you, and catch him in the act!

If you let him get away with too much, he wont respect you at all and leave, but if you stop his fun too early, he will find you boring! do you think you have what it takes to get him on your team?

nothing represents hatred more than how a prey hates a hunter! And... I like a gimmick of switching roles

Yes, Day 13 Hate Sex

and... My new characters sprout from nowhere, the lion cub and the antelope thug.

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