Cloud x Chadley from Final Fantasy 7 Remake

I hope I can commission more Cloud banging more shotas since he plays with them for the moogle metals :)

More sequences on pixiv link

Art by garikaliev

Commission - part 2 of Captain America brainwashed is now released on garikaliev's pixiv page!

I hope to commission a part 3 soon but something else is in the works ;)

Artist - garikaliev and links down below

Old commission - Clark Kent (Superman) x Little boy

P3D0 Superman preying on a little boy, see 2nd page on garikaliev's pixiv page ;)

I never planned a sequel to this , sadly long abandoned

art by garikaliev

Here are some fanfics I commission of Makoto Tachibana being a P3D0 and Sousuke joining Makoto :)

makoto tachibana x little boy

makoto x little boy part 1

makoto x little boy x sousuke part 2 (love this one)

here are some fanfics I commission years ago of Snow Villiers being a P3D0

Snow Villiers x little boy

Snow Villiers x Little boy part 2

Snow Villiers x New little boy (different story)

Snow Villiers x little boy

Captain America getting brainwashed, becoming a p3d0 >:) - my fav commission

part 2 is done, no plans for part 3 yet

the rest of the pages are on pixiv link

artist - garikaliev

Makoto and shota Sousuke - commission

Artist - ArtistNyo

but artist's twitter is down :(

Makoto and shota boy - commission

Unfortunately, there is no uncensored version despite me commissioning it :(

artist -

old commission once again - Snow and his little boy. Snow giving him a good bj

art by @grecorum


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