(Sarah) Extend it to almost 1 full minute.
This isn't meant to be anything good, or for any reason at all. I merely heard a cool song and wanted to put something to it. Really just a fun idea I had, and I don't do those much anymore so this is for me :)

@spike4379 This is really quite lovely :blobmeltsoblove: very nice of you to share ❤💕

@Violetty @spike4379 :blobcat_sip: :blobaww: :blobopenmouth: You my good sir really know how to show Sarah's beauty off! :blobreachdrool:

@LaryLoveFuta @Violetty 😘 it helps that she is super cute to begin with hah!

@spike4379 Dude, but this is absolutetly fantastic!! Thse close up to her butt and then the pussy was amazing, and the way she carried the camera to her face... gorgoeous. Fantastic animation imo!

@TheHero00 Thanks :blobhappy:
I had two ideas, my other one was for in the middle when you first see her face she moves a hand under the camera (left) and stretches you out into the palm of her hand and waves, then blows a kiss and the camera rolls up an transitions to a night sky. But I kinda like the idea of her lifting the camera up to gaze into it. I only spent a bit of today and yesterday on it. I probably should have polished it more. Glad it was okay!

@spike4379 Almost reminds me of browsing around a Smash Bros trophy.

@spike4379 Holy. Shit. Wow. Stunning realism. I love it!!

@spike4379 Love it, something about the expression / emotion / gesture on the face makes it super epic!

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