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In other news, redchannit gets a new url:

And /delicious/ is on there too (in case y'all don't want to use TOR):

Summer may be over, but that doesn't stop Malika (from Nate Is Late) from getting that last bit of sun.

Artist is @Nyoronyan as a excellent commission.

In other news, redchannit gets a new url:

And /delicious/ is on there too (in case y'all don't want to use TOR):

I've got some good news, bad news and good-ish news.

Good news, /delicious/ is back.
Bad news, it's on Tor only for the time being: (according to
Good-ish news: you can access the TOR portal from the clearnet at

So basically, /delicious/ is still online, but we have to use from now on (if you're not into Tor/Onion)

Apparently, the Russians wants to block 8chan in their country if /delicious/ wasn't taken down. There's backups of the content for when the site owner finds a way to make the content avaliable again.

They said that the site is broken, and is currently being fixed. I'll let you guys know when the 8chan's version is online again.

Of course, we do have another safe bet. (though that's more Eastern, but 7chan's board had been up for years)

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Welp... we had a good run.'s /delicious/ had bit the dust. (I'm trying to get an answer via as we speak)

In the meantime, there's always this backup bunker.

Another day, another massive com. I think this might be one of my most expensive (and most epic) loli commission so far. But only time will tell.

"Move it, Lisa! My eight friends and I want to watch Prison Pageants." - Lola Loud

Artist is by @kirisuto

@Gan And in case you're reading this, I'm doing this as a signal boost. You're welcome. 👍

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And here's the finished piece of that futa Panelope x Brianna pic.

Again, artist is @Gan He don't normally do this sort of content, but he really needs some cash for his talents. TBH, any sort of commission helps him out. He usually have a GBP price (eg. £20 would cost you roughly $25), so drop him a DM at any point.

A WIP of a futa Penelope x Brianna image from @Gan

I doubt he'll finish it though.

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Lollygaggin - Lollygaggin
This commission was real interesting, it's from some old cartoon short, you can find it on youtube, just look up the name
Commissioned by @speedy05

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