Another additional 2 points:
6. Only go shopping as infrequently as you can
7. Binge watch stuff on Netflix/DisneyPlus/ect

And most importantly, stay safe and healthy.

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I'm being extra serious here. If you don't want to be infected by this fucking aka , there's 5 things you need to know:
1. Stay indoors unless you're working in a store or hospital
3. Stay at least 2 meters (6 ft) apart
4. Wear gloves (I'd wear kitchen gloves) just in case you touch your face
5. Masturbate to this important piece, since it improves your immune system after all.

Art done by HazardHead 69 (his copy:

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Hey, mates. Do you guys remember Evianna? (my OC:
She's back, and in pinup form.

Artwork is by a guy called PoP#3467 (discord tag btw) as a commission.

Well well well, looks like we've got ourselves the first lewd pic of Sprout Speevak (from that Crash Nebula backdoor pilot that once aired as a FOP episode)

Artist is K. as a /delicious/ drawthread delivery (

Another day, another cutie to pornify. This time round, it's Michelle Conrad (from 3-2-1 Penguins

Artist is @Gan as a commission.

Oh no... it looks like Clara (from It's Pony) forgot to put on some clothing.

Artist is @kazecloud as a /delicious/ delivery (aka Again, awesome work.

She may be blind and deaf, but at least she knows her own body. XP
I'm talking about the Xavier Riddle version of Helen Keller (watch it here if you're from America or use a VPN:

Art is by @Peruda as a graceful /delicious/ delivery.

Another day, another loli to lewd... Emmy (from Emmy & Gooroo)

Artwork is done by Tri64 as a /delicious/ delivery.

And you thought I wasn't into furry lolis anymore....

Here's Shiva from that weird Kung Fu Panda rip off called "Chop Kick Panda".

Artist is Yopy as a commission.

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Well this came to a faster conclusion than my discord servers but I'm going to close /uaco/. It's come to my attention that it's a bad idea for me to try.

Also, I'm not going to be doing any requests or commissions. So don't come asking me about them. I want to start doing my own personal projects. That's all for now.

A double whammy commission from @johnterrible (who is definitely worth the price)

You've got a solo piece of Olympia Brightly (from Norm of the North.... yeah I'm going there), and some lesbian action with Lalavava and Dee Dee.

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Another day, another Yin x Yang commission. This time, it's cheap ($15)

The artist is a guy called Nanokoex, and he only draws traditionally.

If you like traditional artwork done at a quick pace and a cheap price, go give Nanokoex a try!


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