Alright! Another day, another new girl to lewd. This time, it's Daisy from Daisy & Ollie.

Art is by esik


Seriously, the last season of Harvey Girls Forever is definitely worth your time.

We definitely need more Beano porn, wouldn't you agree? Especially if it's Minnie The Minx related.

Art is crafted/drawn by the superb @Gan
I definitely reccomend a commission from him, but my advice is to use descriptions instead of pose reference, since he kind of dislike tracing.

"Now I know why they call you 'Dick' Dastardly"

In case you're wondering who she is, she's Rigby Ruttles from one of the Wacky Races reboot episodes. ("Double Trouble")

Art done by the superb @slutstorm

Spongebob Edited - Sailor's Mouth by SuperSpaceMan230 but sped up to fit the twitter (and possibly baraag's) video limit.

Just something random

Another day, another girl to lewd. This time, it's Luna Tikka (from Rocky Kwaterner)

Art is by @BananaLamp as a sketch request on his stream.

The reason why I posted that clip is because it's from an episode called "Y's Up". You can watch the episode here:
Now with that said, I commissioned a lewd pic of Scout Y (aka the youngest member of the Y family) It was a bit pricey, but definitely worth the money in the end.

Artist is the superb HazardHead69 (his copy:

I reccomend that you go follow him asap.

Nick really needs to release The X's on digital platforms such as Itunes and Google Play. (either that or release it on Netflix) You don't get stuff like this on TV nowadays, and it's very hard to find in decent quality. Luckily, you can find them on Vimeo.

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Finally, all the main characters from Lilybuds are lewded. This time, it's Lilac x Cap

Art is done by Mora from Twitter (

@colbyjames For the record, I didn't draw that. It was from a friend on Discord.

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Marcy ain't just an expert of pleasing cats, you know. She can also please humans too, with her feet. XP

Artist is the superb @Konami_Yung as a /delicious/ delivery.

You know who I absolutely cannot stand? @colbyjames This guy is probably one of the most controversal people out there due to his ocs x canon character pairings/attitude.

Since this is more of an art blog, I won't talk about him too much. Instead, check out for more info.

Here's a quick little sketch of futa Yin (Yin Yang Yo) fucking Eurotrish (Foster's Home) by scum.
With or without Kappus (Colby's oc)

And yet again, here's another obscure loli I was meaning to lewd... Precocia Holiday (from The Roman Holidays)

Art is @godalmite

Well, it's been a while since I last visit this place. Happy 2020.

Let's start with year with The Nosepicker (from Hotel Transylvania the Series)

Art is by CaptainHornyBotEllie94 as a commission.

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This season is full of surprises. I got this Ruthie (Dan Danger Show) edit from anonymous.

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