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Fresh work of my girl Craft having some quality time with an older character of mine, named Serah. Craft may have a thing for lolis, who knows.

Done by @sooperman

@SPECTRYSart did you respond back to a post from 278 days ago. you mad man

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NEW PRICE CHART FOR COMMISSIONS. will just keep this pinned. Check bio for when my comms are available again.

@matana thank you again. i'll keep you posted on turnip prices too, we'll see how we can line up are completely different timezones lol. also very fuckable villager appearance good job

@matana damn some of the graphics are in russian this is wild

@matana is it after 12 pm where you are? turnip prices change in the afternoon

@matana probably would be better to visit tomorrow when i can sell some things and make my town mote presentable. this is around the time i move on to drawing lol

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