Terry Bogard's got me in a good mood. Does anyone have suggestions for fighting game girls to draw this month? I might make a poll after if I can't decide.

@sooperman I vote for Kula Diamond and/or Shermie from King of Fighters <3

@sooperman Call me old fashion but I like my fighting girls to be odd and spunky like Taokaka.

@sooperman ima keep it simple and keep it classic and just say chunners

@shinjifucker Chun-li's absolutely happening at some point. fav fighter. I thought of something that would make it a little different to the billion other chun art

@sooperman Do they have to be girls? In any case, Vice from King of Fighters

@FrenchBread recommend some dudes. I'm just not going to lewd them.

@sooperman I'm alright with that. In that case Hokutomaru from Garou Mark of the Wolves or Cedric Ward of Battle Fantasia.

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