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I've made a quick and dirty outline for what I'm willing to do over at
You can make a request in the link, or through private messages in Pixiv or Baraag.

Check the number of slots available in my profile description.

Alright my dudes, here are 3 of my favorite frames from my current animation, the "line animation" will be released tomorrow with minor details added in the colored version....BTW This is vanelope from the second movie...

She tried to teach her eevee pound. too bad he had a different Idea of what pound was.

Hopefully more people make pokekid art cause she's probably the cutest trainer class

Another commission of Efi, this time as her country's version of the Girl Scouts.


Annnd commission slots are officially closed. I'm probably going to open more slots not too far behind this batch though. Until then enjoy the comm art that's coming.

Also I see a 1000 follows on the horizon, thank you everyone for the support.

Guava Fruit Girl dressed as Mummy this Year!

Supporting Gets you CUMLESS, FULL-RES, LUBELESS Versions, WEEEE!

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