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Sometimes I post stuff just to get it off my chest then delete it. Don't take it too seriously. But, my art is here to stay!

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I am available for commissions. For 5USD by PayPal you get a sketch scan, cleaned up lines and full colour of 1-2 characters! :take_my_money: :blobcatartist: :catClap:

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Updated rules about what I will draw:

I will consider drawing nudes and lewds of fictional toon characters, but there are likely to be many I won't draw.
For fictional characters whose visuals are based on an actor that portrayed them in live action (i.e. Hermione Granger or Hit Girl), nudes and lewds will only be drawn 18+.
I might consider non-sexual nudity if canonical or culturally appropriate.
I WILL NOT draw non-consent.
I might consider dub-con (like devil's snare)

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Speedy led the guys to think Lola was working the club's glory hole by saying it was their "favorite Bunny". Technically, he didn't lie...
Elmer Fudd is such a loser he already blew his wad from a single touch.
Thanks to Wile E, Bugs will be able to take all of Lola's horse strap-on next time. (PS, I will be drawing Lola with a strap-on horse dildo in the not too distant future lol)

My order of parchment is supposed to arrive today! I have been sketching on 100 series Strathmore drawing paper from JoAnn Frabics, so I am happy!

Here's my head canon on peen size, smallest to biggest
Elmer Fudd
Porky Pig
Pepe Le Pew
Daffy Duck
Wile E Coyote

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I am working on another Bugs pic. This time, glory hole at the club, and the guys think it's Lola lol

(Pervy) Sage Advice

If not for cum, men could not compete with dildoes and vibrators or pillows and plushies. Now if only it TASTED more like a banana smoothie... or CHOCOLATE!

A little pubic hair goes a long way, but a lot of body hair reminds them of childhood pets, ewoks and Tom Selleck!

Cosplay as Toru Hagakure... in your bedroom or at a nudist resort!

There needs to be more Rose and Juleka yuri Rule 34! (Miraculous Ladybug)

"Would I modify a life-sized foam grey alien with a pocket pussy? Have you met me?"πŸ‘½

Last year for Pride Month I made a couple of fictional flags. Inspired by the Futurama episode where Amy Wong fell for Bender, I created a Robosexual flag with silver and gold around the prism with the infinity symbol (for Prop Infinity which would legalise Robosexual marriage). The second is a Geloiougraphiasexul (Toon attracted) flag, with colours symbolising blood, ink, magic, and two more I forget.

For a NSFW toon artist and notorious sodomite, my prurient interests are surprisingly vanilla. My idea of rough sex involves velcro restraints and a vegan leather (let's be honest, that's just a fancy way of saying velvet!) flogger... :big_kink:

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With more complaints about illegal content on PH, and Insta deleting their account, all the more reason to fap, schlick and clop to toons! :boonchuy_ahegao:

Is it wrong that I want to have slightly rough sex with someone wearing my old McDo uniform so I can feel like I'm finally screwing them over for a change?πŸ” 🍟

Just to be clear, DC is fine with Harley talking about "eating her favorite veggie", but Batman can't go down on Catwoman because he's "a superhero, and superheroes don't do that"?
Try telling that to Lobo, Crush, The Question, Midnighter, Future Flash and Golden Age Green Lantern!

I've got 156 drawings and a total of 1.2k posts. That ratio is a little troublesome...
I must post more ramblings!

Amazon fulfillment center coming to my town. Now I will be able to get same day delivery of my European candy, Chinese-made vinyl stickers, sex toys, and sloth collectables?

What do you most associate with "Son_of_the_paladin's art"?

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