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Look folks, nothing I say publicly on here should be taken too seriously, especially if I use emoji or emoticons! I am a very reserved person in real life, and don't go throwing around too much about my current or ongoing intimacies. Don't make me have to stop posting my silliness!

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Updated terms for commissions (2021)

I will consider drawing lewds and nudes of any fictional characters, but there will be characters that I won't draw.
I draw things in a cartoon style, and I will not do true-to-life 3D.
I will not draw rape.
I will consider violence if it is canonical or serves a moral purpose.
For some of the more visceral kinks, I reserve the right to refuse. I will most likely NOT draw scat.

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Kink List 

:gwen: :finnok: Fictional Characters
:gumball: :bugs: :aggretsuko: Furries & Plush
:pink_condom: Straight, Gay & Bi Sex
:licklips: Oral
🍑 :hornt_boybutt: Sodomy & Pegging
:butt: :woah: Rimming (but not scat)
:yumcum: 💦 Cum and Spit Play
💰 🚿 Watersports
:ballgag: :collar: :handcuffs: :whip: BDSM
:tissue: Masturbation
:vibrator: :butt_plug: :dildo: Sex Toys
:kim_possible: :linneasmile: :android21: Oppai, Petanko and Deka Pai
:lingerie: :panties_sexy: Lingerie
:catra: Trans & NBs

I coloured a picture by @Tbrainrot of Lisa Simpson with some tanlines! Thanks Terry for the permission! The only lines I added were the tiled backsplash. Colours taken from a screenshot of the bathroom from S9 Ep15, The Last Temptation of Crust.
Terry's original can be seen here:

Gwen is having dinner with her parents, her boyfriend Kevin Levin, Grandpa Max, and cousins Ben and Lucy when she says, "Please pass the ketchup, daddy."
Who or how many reach for the ketchup?

Just a reminder: please follow the rules so we can keep this place safe and running. Report content that doesn't belong here. You have twitter for IRL stuff.

A faesona counts as a fursona, right? Especially if it's a bestial Wyldling, like the phooka or satyr/faun?

If you are a fan of elves, tiddies, bondage, and VERY wet sex, check out Alexis Flower's warmly pornographic fantasy saga I Roved Out in Search of Truth and Love!

If you enjoy my artwork and would like to see more like it please consider donating at:
or my patreon at:

Any and all support means a lot to me!

This is maybe 90% the idea I have for my 'sona. He is one of the four guardians of the sacred grove at the heart of the fae capital of Shad-u-kham. I will flesh out more lore after I finish the drawing.

Newish users to check out!

@heihati (furry shortstacks and MILFs)
@Bawphomet (cubs)
@NightowlCris (toon loli and MILFs)
@senglimi (formerly @semlimite, loli-sho)
@Mabibabi (cubs)

I hope to at least have my 'sona drawing done tomorrow, and the finished pic this week!

Helluva Boss S2 premiere spoiler 

Season 2 premieres July 30th! 6 months was TOO LONG! Vivzie has made Paimon into Stolas' father, since Paimon is a king and Stolas a prince in the Ars Goetia! Instead of camel-riding twink, Paimon is going to be an owl-looking demon like Stolas!
Also, shota Stolas!

A list of hentai/porn quotes I made up on the spot. You probably shouldn't use them.

1) "Holy shit! I'm gonna blow harder than Hiroshima!"

2) "There should be a new religion entirely dedicated to worshipping your fat cock!"

3) "Y'know, you might be a dog, but I'll always love you babe."


5) "Your pussy would make for a perfect sleeping bag."

6) "I can't believe you would treat your own cock as if it were a housewife in the 1950's!"

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