My oldest OCs deserve newer artwork of them... so I painted some quick portraits. :D Jeremy, Eddie, and Casey, from my original fic:

Is there any way to commission artists somewhat anonymously? I don’t care if the payment processor has my wallet name, but I sure as fuck won’t hand that over to some rando. Any suggestions? Especially when most artists seem set on using PayPal… 😩

some tasty snippets from my gore/dead dove/necro origfic. come for the kink, stay for the bizarre wholesomeness and discussions of philosophy.

An older piece of Roger and Meg that somehow never got posted here :yanagiyuu_heart3: If you like spoopy mysteries and wendigos, their story might be interesting:

happy halloween! 🎃 have some body horror~ "The Nobodies" is complete, for those who want to binge a spooky/edgy read this Halloween:

😈 hybristophiliacs rise~ you're being fed. new origfic up, heed the ao3 tags. contains underage, age gaps, dead dove content, gore/body horror, and incredible '90s energy. :cool_s: updates wednesdays and sundays until halloween
i guess this is my attempt at kinktober

Stan + Audrey again :yanagiyuu_heart3: their dynamic is basically "lolita seduces hapless pervy older man" :big_kink:

SydTae will always be my OC OTP, but EthanTae is pretty tasty too :blobeyes: from my AU where Tae babysits Ethan's daughter and gets dicked down by her hot dad 😍 :big_kink:

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