Saying this as a relative nobody, but if you like the work of an artist, tell them.

At a stressful time I have stumbled across old folders of stuff from fans in old art circles and am remembering how nice it was to have people say something nice? Show support? Or let you know they noticed etc.

You'll have more impact on lesser cared for artists than you know.

To those who write, keep this in mind:

Never write in an effort to be popular. Never hold yourself back. The top priority of your writing is self-expression and satisfaction.

I'm always concerned my stuff is too soft for the genre it's in. Then I remember that the reason I started writing again since high school was because I didn't find works that appealed to me. Thus, I changed my title from Consumer to Provider. And it turns out others liked it too! Shows that you never know unless you try

Someone ( made a whole GameBoy dev studio for making topdown 2D RPG-style games
Like, as in, it literally exports to a gameboy rom

That's one thing I wanna do with whatever content I create - to portray the kind of world I wanna live in.

Suffering happens, cruelty happens, but more importantly love happens, hard work pays off, dreams are won and life doesn't have to be all chaos and hurt and struggle to be worthwhile

not lewd, but i've been in a bit of an art slump the last couple weeks :blobsad:

Age gap smut is hot af, but age gap romance hits me right in the kokoro

There's nothing wrong with the vanity of wanting people to see your art.

It's normal and natural.

I've never liked the idea that you should be so "pure" that you'd keep doing art even if nobody was around. Of course you wouldn't.

Art is meant to be shared.

For all the moral warriors complaining about loli and shota, walk away from the internet, donate to a charity or volunteer. Not only would you not have to see fictional boners but you'd actually be helping people.

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