I hope my rambling on this subject hasn't alienated peeps I follow. I'll post more art soonish when I clean out a commisson queue.

But, I do admit, this was the most comfortable place I could discuss this with a degree of nuance.

I think Cuties is the product of the fact that our society doesn't really understand how to properly and rationally deal with child sexuality.

This is on both sides of the coin here. Whether it's the director's intent or knee jerk reactions.

After all, the hidden truth is that no human develops sexual urgency at the age of consent.

I agree one thing. It's hard to truly tell the exact agenda to Cuties, but i want to lean on the side that all involved meant well, but made something a little more unexpected.

It honestly puts in perspective the trope of "Don't do this cool thing".

Where a film fails to frame a situation as a bad thing.

The thing about fiction is that illustrated work allows to explore and rationalize taboo topics in fantastical ways without thinking about whether or not an actress/actor was exploited.

I feel like someone will argue (well you seen children naked and in underwear before) as some sort of rationalizing, but like . . . they weren't performing sex dances.

I think the moment that I'm somewhat feeling liberated I can understand the difference between fiction and reality says a lot about what i saw.

Feels like seeing those soft core images of minors in swimsuits posing again . . . that's not good netflix.

I'm very keen on the idea of not judging out of context trailer clips and that people should watch something before they totally judge it, but . . . i seen clips of Cuties now and ... yikes.

It's hard not to get on the moral outage here .. . fucking yikes.

Bit random but this book is so wonderful I can't help but recommend it to any artists out there. Robert Henri - The Art Spirit

There's lot of holes in the lolicon/shotacon arguments, obviously.

Main one being no one can state whether or not their are more cases of pedophile now then their are before such content was meaningfully prevalent.

People can't except evil exists in the world. Instead of persecuting the individual they believe removing what they believe to be a cause of evil will somehow remove that evil.

Shit don't work that way.

How absurd is it to make the leap that "pedophiles often also consume lolicon, therefore lolicons are pedos"

It's like saying people who enjoy rape also consume fictional rape porn. Guilt by Association.

This character belongs to a collection of species all based around anthromorphic characters.

Name is bending, but (Beast-kin) is the current title. They make of various cultures, customs and physiology all based around specific earth animals.

They are the result of genetic mutations between earthlings and animals and are a distant cousin.

This makes them extreme compatible with most humanoid species. Interspecies mating is common.

This character is known as a Puzz.
I just thought of that name now.

Puzzs are sort of like a cross between amphibians, squids, slugs and octopuses. Despite their unique physiology they still possess some intelligence of most humanoid species.

They're main source of food is the bodily fluids of Chewxys.

They work very well as companions as they can clean Chewxys. They do not eat them and are incapable of sucking Chewxy blood, however so no worries.

The protagonist is a Chewxy (pronounced Juicy). A strange species with unusual physiology based on fruit.

Every bodily fluid they secrete has the consistency, taste and similar chemical structure of Juice. Yes, this includes their poop.

They bleed, sweat, drool and cum Juice. They are considered a very tasty species which makes them irresistible to certain alien predators. Even their skin, hair and eyes are sweet like fruit.

The type of fruit differs from Chewsy however.

Lore Nonsense: I decided to start with the unnamed supporting character because her alien species is significant.

She is a Star Elf. She is the same species as Prince Zetto (pictured: right). A reference and confirmation they exist in the same universe, though in different galaxies.

Star Elfs are close to humans, though they age slower and live longer. The concept of a teen shifts due to this.

Their signature is the advanced technology they use involving crystals.

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