the joke is i'm fully aware you all love your soy milk around here

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do you guys like non dairy or full fat milk?
(rushia and coco from hololive)

diaz brothers (from life is strange 2) commission ! :o)

i played ff9 for the first time and eiko is the perfect fusion of pinoko and unico im in love

aqua commission! what's gonna happen to her ๐Ÿค”

really fun commission for a friend! demon cousins yuushi and kenya

i went too ham with a doodle but that's what morticia does to you

i've fallen into hololive hell and i can't get out lol

designing some vtubers until one sticks enough for me to try rigging

by the way i finally remade on twitter. sorry for the long online absence!!!

another bully (the game) commission! had a lot of fun with this one

@7dogmin they can be found here! . thanks for the interest! my twitter is suspended so you can message me here if you need to

my twitter got suspended again ๐Ÿ˜ด think i'll just lay low for a while before remaking. grateful as always for baraag being the one safe place for me to post art. maybe it's time to finally update my pixiv

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