the next dai/ken commission!! having fun learning to paint

another dai/ken commission ! (another one on the way later πŸ˜‰)

I accidentally posted this mirrored haha please pretend it's flipped

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a venti/zhongli commission!!! had a blast with this one

I did a study of psyche transported to heaven by pierre-paul prud'hon

Venomous and Fink commission!! always happy to get to draw these two hehe

I forgot to post this! a prunella/marina commission

Pinocchio and lampwick commission!! I had a ton of fun with this one!!

commission for a rly cute loli vtuber πŸ˜„ kippytan (kipa) on twitter

i dedicate this to the massage parlor scene in ff7r when you pay for the most expensive massage 😎

a kaiba commission!! chroniko enjoying her vibe hehe

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