Things are going down now!

Sketch commission part 2 for TheGamingChocobro.

Free will is overraped.

Sketch commission for Doubleclick from TerraMGP.

Commission: Oc X Shota

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and receive the image in full size the first week of FEBRUARY when all the promises proceed.

Mass Sageing

Eda educating Gus about human deep tissue massaging techniques.

Birthday pic for Babnon.


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Anniversary gift for Posted4You.
We're an old married couple except that's a complete lie.


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Cockdown 2021

The assrape continues.
Happy New Year!

Inspired by the ever awesome DAGASI.


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Still the beast is feeding.

Commission for Reind33rViking.

A big wholesome pic of Hilda, Frida and David playing in a stream, for Isuckatart :blobuwu:

November Fanbox Pinup Variant: Chonka Splonk2: Electhicc Chonkatron


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And the final image from this set tht @Smudge_Proof did for me as a slave stream a long while ago. Slight line clean ups were done by me.

Treating the CMC as pets is super hot, hope you guys agree.

I think I may continue to just do quicker line clean ups of some sketches instead of trying to color all of them. Otherwise it will be forever before my backlog gets uploaded here.

This is an image set @Smudge_Proof did for me as a slave stream a long long time ago. I did some very light line clean ups on this one.

AJ finally jumping on getting AB trained as a loli pet just like sweetie belle.

There is one more image, will post later.

2020DEC05 nsfw "Lake" from infinity train, wearing a see through shirt. Picked up request from 4chan's /aco/ board. I made a version with high gloss metallic style shading and a version where it is more on-model.

December Fanbox Reward: Prominently Marred

For Reind33rViking!


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