Nuclear family: Protagonistron, Nightron, and Velvetron.

Commission for Anon.

Upgraded May Patreon Reward: Wallflower

For Posted4You!


If you like my drawings, please check out my Patreon:

The Gentrification of Dragonkind.

Commission variant for AaronAmethyst.

Upgraded May Reward: Staff Mastery

For Rick2tails!


If you like my drawings, please check out my Patreon:

Garbled messages.

4 hours slave stream commission for MrAnonArtemis & AaronAmethyst!

Drawn in cubist style.

4hours slave stream commission for Plinko.

Tight situation.

Second part of commission from August for Anon I never got around to posting.

I never got around to uploading this from about a year ago.

Commission for Dragonbelly88.

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