April Fanbox Reward: Seedy Orphanage

2 months adopted sketch for Iczerfour!


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And here is the end result along with all the images as one comic.

The image is based on a scene from The Last Crusade in season 9 of MLP. Applebloom's potion seems to have had a bit more drastic and permanent effects on our favorite trio. Also they're nude...cause why not :P

Let me know what you guys think and I hope you enjoy.

This was a slave stream @SmudgeProof did for me a few years back (a few days after this episode came out.) The original sketches and the original colors for the last image were done by Smudge. The line clean ups/redraws, colors for the first 4 panels, slight adjustments to the last image color wise and backgrounds were done by me.

This is part 1 of 2

Yun and Yum - Pinup

The armor was only slowing her ass down.


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Upgraded Fanbox Reward: Sent home in a box

For Posted4You!


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Barbnon commissioned a sequel with Choc and Chonk to the Cutard and Cunt one.

Several things i've been working on coloring, trying to work more on speed, so I do apologize if the shading here is a little iffy in places, hopefully it's still enjoyable :D

This was a part of a slave stream @Smudge_Proof did for me about a year ago. I've included the original version as well as my shaded edit.

Rainbow dash has unfortunately been transformed into a nude 2nd place trophy and put on display in the school.

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