A White Wedding by @Chango

The big day finally arrived and the brides couldn't be happier. In fact, Rosemarie and Cici don't even wait to leave the alter before starting their honeymoon.

An amazing gift from Chango! I floated this silly idea to her and she jumped on it before I could say YUS. Chango has such a way with my girls and horse dicks :bloblewd:

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@jellymouse I'd never heard of it until now. Had no idea it was a meme.

@slimshod I use meme pretty loosely, but I used to use it as a silly joke in some RPs pretty regularly. It, and semen-rice, which I'm pretty sure was from a mizuryu kei mindbreak doujin.

@jellymouse Ah that would explain it. I'm less involved in that area of porn. I'm a pretty casual observer lol. But semen dress is still conjures a great image.

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