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Gabby "Dark Jade" by @MisticHobo

A goth femboy/loli can't fill the hole inside them so they fill their holes instead. Gabby is an excellent caretaker of sexual needs and will even be your boi-wife if that's what you need. Gabby's femboy/shota version features a neat chastity piercing inspired by @Grose .

Co-owned between me and @Roostuf

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An updated size chart, FINALLY! I've acquired WAY more characters than I ever thought I would so I've put them all in height order, from tallest to shortest. There are a few still pending art that I can use as height references so I'll update them when I have them.

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I need CUTE ideas for my cubs!

I have plenty of lewd ones but I suuuuuck at coming up with cute ideas. So if you have ideas for cute scenarios for any of these cubs, DM me or reply to this thread. I unpinned the old one.

Click on the tags to see what's already been drawn of them.

Simple Bindi FJ animation for the first post of the year. (repost, added shadows underneath)

Hello again!
Thanks for all the well wishes, comments, likes, boosts and follows; I appreciate every single one.
Here's to a brand new year!

since you guys were so awesome to participate in my little poll i have decided to do something special for .that's my way to say thank you :blobartist:.this might take a while to finish so have a

Some Wilba I started the last stream, had to pick it up after a week and I didn't remember where I left, so the end result is lacking, but still, I don't wanna keep working on this one anymore, it is what it is.

Also a sketch of her that I ended up not liking.


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