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My OC Slim needs a loli GF! But I have no idea what species. He's a unicorn from MLP. I thank @0r0ch1 for this, he's done a bang up job with 0r0 and Coco.

So vote! If you choose "other" leave a suggestion! I have my characters in my media tab and pinned.

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I need ideas for my girls! If you have poses or ideas you would like to see them in, reply to this post or DM me. I'ld love to hear your ideas!

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Terry Jorunn, son of Brenna Jorunn and Ashleigh. He's a wonderful momma's boy that knows how to worship her massive cock and balls just right. Still working on his origin story. Art by Jwinsxxx.

But what is Subscribestar? is a platform like Patreon with LOLIS!!
>>>>>>My Sstar: <<<<<<

You can support my work with $5, $10 or $15.
All my Sstar drawings are exclusive for my subscribers, also they will receive the Knight, Wizard or King grade in my personal Discord server and they can enter the exclusive channel where the drawings will be posting in High Resolution.

Experimenting with drawing my character Hal the pup in the style of Alvin and the Chipmunks

Our next Girl it's a loli called zafiro from the Award winning movie Mexicans vs Martians, submitted by the amazing PervyMarioman From TeamPervy 鉂わ笍 Go check his other stuff and don't forget to leave a Like, Comment and Subscribe. 馃憡


My new icon to be. I actually made this specifically for my pinned tweet on Twitter and so i had no intent on being explicit. (I was also lazy)

But yeh here's Marin under a different style I'm experimenting with.

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