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Gabby "Dark Jade" by @MisticHobo

A goth femboy/loli can't fill the hole inside them so they fill their holes instead. Gabby is an excellent caretaker of sexual needs and will even be your boi-wife if that's what you need. Gabby's femboy/shota version features a neat chastity piercing inspired by @Grose .

Co-owned between me and @Roostuf

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An updated size chart, FINALLY! I've acquired WAY more characters than I ever thought I would so I've put them all in height order, from tallest to shortest. There are a few still pending art that I can use as height references so I'll update them when I have them.

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I need CUTE ideas for my cubs!

I have plenty of lewd ones but I suuuuuck at coming up with cute ideas. So if you have ideas for cute scenarios for any of these cubs, DM me or reply to this thread. I unpinned the old one.

Click on the tags to see what's already been drawn of them.

Failed Adventurer

Our little adventurer thought she could defeat the goblins, but she was easily overpowered.

HD's on my Subscribestar

Part 1/3

kitsu 12 (animation project wip)
It seems that the dog they brought in this time knows kitsu's ass very well because they had sex the instant that kitsu got down her pants, she likes to pretend she's a dirty little dog

full set

All my links:

Naughty Times In The School Library 1/3

Don't Post my Furry work enough so here you go.

All done with With the first set.

HD Vers.

Aaron Mitchell stuff 🍑

I did these a while ago, had in mind making an image set like others I did, but I think they look better as singles. Enjoy

Old Creampie Sketch

Found some of the links were dead on my old loli/shota posts on my inkbunny. So thought i would fix that and post up some old works.

firsts an old commission sketch of a loli getting filled. boy, my style sure had changed a bit.

Tiffany & Papa Tiger Holiday (SubscribeStar)

Some free SubscribeStar content for ya. Would use my fanbox, but i still need to get it updated correctly.

Papa Tiger is in the process of unwrapping Tiffany's new gift. ;)

You can check out the other 32 variations on our SubscribeStar starting at 1$.

Holy Spirits: The Offering

"Please father... Bless me with your holy spirit.."

Gonna do my best to make this an every Sunday (or every other Sunday) thing. Things aren't what they seem. hope you enjoy where this goes. ;)

You can check out the colored uncut versions early now on my subscribestar and Fanbox. I'll have the cum ver. out for all later.

Random loli sketch

Did a random loli sketch as a warmup before working on some commissions.

You can check out the higher quality ver. and more on my Subscribstar/Fanbox.

Dragon-Loli Sketch Commission

Finally back to work and finished a old commission piece tonight for anonymous. Shes a cute girl who can turn into a dragon. Wish i could turn into a dragon -_-;.

HD's and more are on my Subscribstar/Fanbox

Black Sunday Offering Sketch

"Please father, gift me with your blessings.."

Thinking of making this a every Sunday thing. Call it "Sunday Service", "Black Sunday Mass" or something like that. Gives me a chance to practice drawing humans again.

I'll have the colors up on my Subscribstar and Fanbox Sunday. also a peak at the following Sundays piece.

I think no one has drawn a NSFW picture about toph with her mom before...i don't know but it would be nice if I'm the first to do it :toph: :yanagiyuu_heart3:

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