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~ Gay Muscled Toon Goodies 💪💖
( with a Milky Dash of Tentacles 💦 )

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(basically the setup that will be around until the end of the month at least, if relevant changes happen I'll let you know on replies)

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from last night's episode* LOL " Sweat Dreams, by Jesse " ¬3¬
they were basically setting me up xDDD yus, he canonically has blue eyes =3=


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His village often sends a boy to remove any slimes occupying the nearby cave the river they gather water from flows through. A few slimes are no threat, so its seen as a risk free chore...
A Brood Slime in need of a host for the gelatinous cores its been gestating however, is very capable of subduing victims. The brood slime will pump as many cores into the unfortunate host that will fit. After the cores mature and wriggle out, the slime produces new cores to repeat the process...

Decided to just post these on here for the general public since they were just sitting on Gumroad collecting dust. The rest including the cum variants are in the thread below.  

C.539 So Jack Didn't Know Jack About Jackin' It, But Then Along Came Jack!
Commissioned by YellowMage

An AU where Sullivan gets the fatherly love and advice he never had in the apocalypse, and Harris gets some kids who actually appreciate him; a win-win for all xP

Characters from The Last Kids on Earth & Duncanville;

Jimmy Neutron Series p2.

The Neutron gang is a curious bunch, always makes for a good time though!

P.S. These designs are by @/kianamai on twitter if you want to checkout their work. really cute stuff, its sfw though

Flat color commission for a Twitter follower featuring Kiawe and (the hottest character in the series) Kukui. Kinky version is on @kenthekinky on Twitter.

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