C.Ruff_29 Davey's Payback's Davey Gravy!
Commissioned by Alter

David's dad caught up to his offspring's situation fast enough to demand retributions, or so the Hidden Peepers legend says it did Β¬3Β¬

Characters from Hilda

C.Ruff_28 Flauntin' Bailey <3
Commissioned by Alter

Oh, Clay... always havin' some big ol' cowboy stuff to show off, of course xP

Character from Xiaolin Showdown/Chronicles

RAW C.Ruff_27 A Smith'en Fish'er In The Hand-icles
Commissioned by Alter

Something something Jeff's brain not so small after all, wink wink oof oof <333

Characters from American Dad

C.Ruff_18 Hunka Hunka Lion Tamer!
Commissioned by RaunchiPepsi

Just know your place Shiro, know your place :V xD

Characters from Voltron: Legendary Defender

I want Bamm Bamm to drain him LOL; suck on his cock so hard he loses all that arrogant attitude and will to fight, exchanging it for love and devotion :V xDDD

Dirk Savagin' Schnollivan =3=
~ Curiosity got the best outta Jack, diggin' deep LOL

Needless to say he's in fuckin' heaven right now xDDD

Characters from The Last Kids on Earth

C.Ruff_10 Davey's Daddy Davey Gravy V:
Commissioned by Alter

David's dad can't even catch a break from his own matured seed starving on him :V xDDD

Characters from Hilda

C.Ruff_8 Iandore The Lustfull Β¬3Β¬
Commissioned by Alter

Com' on Ian, you know Bar Bar would do that for you without havin' to hypnotize him; just gotta ask xPPP

Characters from Onward

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