Sketch Prevs ^^!

I always wanted to draw him again xPP pocket-sized cocky robot ready to B L A S T ? yes pls <333

Character from Megaman

Sketch Prevs ^^!

Barley's reputation around that naughty place came to that for various tasty reasons =3=!

Character from Onward

Bender? In The Flesh!

-make love to me, Bender... you're so hot D:
-shuddup, baby... I know it ยฌ3ยฌ xDD

now these are the tales that peak my homosexual interest :V xDDD

Character from Futurama

'on his wild state, the Sullivan assumes the willing position, almost instinctively embracing the domination whenever grabbed by the bigger and more skilled Savage creature' >_>!

=3= xDDD

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Sketch Prevs ^^!

now that's what I call empting the tank, deep from the core x333

an old doodle I always wanted to move further with, strangelly 'cuz of how awesome those soles came out xP

Character from Popeye & Son

Sketch Prevs ^^!

All hail Bluto's rightfull beefcake offspring <333 but boi don't you temp your sugar daddy like that, he gonna end cuttin' your allowance and filling you with something else :V

Character from Popeye & Son

C.365 A Shaggy Chip Off The Ol' Norville xP
Anonymous Commission

Zoinkers :V someone is very amused by the looks of his not-so-mysteriously buff future-self <3333

Character from Scooby Doo (A Pup Named)

C.345 (Upgraded) Such Cocky Aussie Beef D:
Commissioned by Sardonic_Lemonade

Mkay, now you're just showing off, my dude;
Keep doin' it, though <33 xDD

Character from Hetalia

C.Ruff_33 Oh Boi, Mickey's Gettin' Dickey!
Commissioned by Yellowmage

Well that's one steamin' hawt willie, for sure ยฌ3ยฌ

Character from the big ol' D

Sketch Prevs ^^!

when u gay enough to date the tank but not to admit your BFF is hawt af LOL; this is based on a similar commentary Jack made on S02E04 The Zombie Parade x3

Characters from The Last Kids on Earth

Sketch Prevs ^^!

Oh Jack, u silly goose, Dirk is right...
u need a hug <3333
...and intense amounts of sloppy licking all over :V

Character from The Last Kids on Earth

Sketch Prevs ^^!

Axel Stone and his DILF looks from the 4th game; I just had to drain those tits... I bet he gots milk for dayz <333

Character from Streets of Rage

Sketch Prevs ^^!

riddle me these gunz, won't ya? <333

based on his very earnt-n-aware looks on the Harley Quinn animated series' season 2 x333

Character from DC Comics

Sketch Prevs ^^!

-Quit fapping on my tower, you're smudging up my windows, asshole!
-I'll smudge up your windows all I want, look at me go!

from the trilogy to his theme song*... I just ended loving the character xDDD


Character from Piemations

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