Another livestream of Castle Crossover just finished and the players managed to unlock another drawing for everyone! There will be no session next week but the following week after they will potentially have a chance to unlock 3 more drawings!
I do hope you guys like this drawing it is challenging to put so much detail on these drawings and I hope its all worth it.
You can check out this session as well as our last sessions on my youtube page (just type slappyfrog into youtube)

I didn't want to make a big announcement about this because I knew there would be technical difficulties but I am starting up the Castle Crossover dungeons and dragons livestreams again and yesterday was our first livestream back. The party managed to unlock this drawing of Princess Peach! Next Tuesday the party will be trying to unlock another drawing for you all to enjoy. We will see how it goes next week and in the mean time I am hard at work trying to flood this game with more drawings.

just a simple drawing of Lois and Steve, I was getting frustrated with the inability to draw anything lately so I just did this so to see if I was cursed to never post a new drawing ever again, no joke >.>'
I am going to legit break down into tears if I go another 3-4 months without posting a new drawing again.

"Wow a new update within 1 month from the last?! SlappyFrog is spoiling us!" (joke) Today I have a new drawing of Chichi and Trunks! This was a unexpected commission that I hope you all enjoy, I really like how this turned out.

I wanted to go back to my roots and do what I did back when I first got into NSFW drawings and that was coloring in Pandora's Box drawings, He is a master at his skills and was a inspiration to me drawing to this day, I hope to color more classic black and white drawings of his in the future.

This was a commission I did of bart simpson and laura powers, I think it turned out pretty well. there is always beauty in simplicity.

Happy to see people coming out and checking out the livestream, The party managed to unlock the drawing! Now that the test session is over I will be deciding on if I will be starting the actual game yet or doing 1 more test session. I am leaning towards starting the game but I will let everyone know soon, until then I hope you guys enjoy this drawing.

Follow the livestream here -


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