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misc stuff
kinda been dealing with both not being very horny and being busy trying to catch up on commissions

i want a gf but also the main way I get myself off is thinking about tall busty women with huge dicks starting families with their teenage daughters so what do I do

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⚠️ incest/ocs/agegap/loli

first drawing on :clip_studio_paint:
i rlly like drawing buffy big bro asdfgkj

nana is really charming, makes him forget what he was doin

if you have any suggestions for tags so you can filter out the stuff u don't wanna see lmk

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I don't really have time to tag shit in detail so im mainly gonna use and maybe /m for picky eaters I think but I'll have to contemplate further.

(referring to my massive archive of old stuff that I deleted before that is)

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I'm not sure if I plan to just post everything or not but I'm leaning towards posting everything

it just takes a loooong time cause there's so much

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