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if you wanna support me with a monthly sub thingy, I currently prefer ko-fi because they seem (intentionally or not) the least intrusive

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kinda think a lot of horror is just writers presenting their kinks under a horror gaze instead of a horny gaze

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been reading some stephen king and other horror stuff recently

I feel like I could easily write a horror story just by writing a smut fic that catered to my specific kinks, but edited just slightly so that the characters didn't like what was going on and adding a bad end to it

I wrote a piece of fic because drawing takes too long. but also im not good at writing so I get it if u decline to read!

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a sfw artist on twitter drew an awesome furry tetra and link so I have made illicit lewds of them

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maxing out kinks to near incoherence

some kind of biomech/pilot symbiosis deal. they fight giant tentacle monsters and get fucked by the tentacles, which have smaller tentacles to fuck and impregnate the pilot foooorrrr reasons???????????????? I don't know I'm just. brain rotted.

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coming home to your demon wife and daughter to have sex with both of them asmr

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⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄


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I guess the question is really more like, "have you developed an internal story for yourself about why you're like this"

in this essay I will-

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do you ever think about the underlying psychology of your kinks

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