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And finally out for everyone to enjoy, Dolly animation voted on by our supporters

Illustration: @foxinshadow
Animation Live2D, editing: @kukseleg
VA: @shimohisae
Sound Effects: オレンジラヴァーズ(CV:橙島よしの)
Music: Dark Bar by bandersn4tch on pixabay's license

And of course all possible thanks to your continued support, if you wanna add to the pile you can consider throwing us your dolla to get early access to new upcoming things

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Elsa with Robyn from wolfwalkers
I've wanted to do this crossover for a long time, elsa looks very nice in this art style i hope you likke it!
i will post anna and mebh tomorrow :)

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Anna with mebh from wolfwalkers
i love how anna looks, i hope you like it! :)

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Commission of Violet for @Rrezz

Seems she had some troubles with her new outift.

If you're interested on a commission DM me.

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I guess no matter where you are in history, people are the same as they are now. And that goes for knowing at a glance that Luz Noceda is down to fuck witches.

Commission for my dude always gives me awesome premises to work with!


If you like my work and want to help me make more smut like this, check me out on or!

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Here is a new image for this Monthly Theme “Cartoon Villainesses”
last days of the month… we still can have some more!
I hope you like it
Enjoy, Support and Fap!

This image has 3 extra versions as exclusive for Supporters on Subscribestar and Fanbox:
Also on my Gumroad Store:

Available after the end of the Month on Cartoon Villainesses Pack!

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Scene Composition Storyboard Presentation for a major upcoming comic project. Or at least, it could be. I'm currently looking to crowdfund it. This is not a particularly ambitious project, but this is only half of it to gauge interest. Like it says on the pages, these are not the final scene compositions. What's also not included are close-ups or other detail shots. This is just a general overview. If you're interested, hit me up on discord or in PMs.

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Reward: Shanti x Jane x Melody


Sale of PACKS:

Support me in:
and receive the image in full size the first week of OCTOBER 2022 when all the promises proceed.

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shota , noncon 

jon being raped for my bestie :-)

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