Billy Miller likes to play games. Tony likes to play, too - but a different kind of game.

the new babysitter had some interesting ideas on how to keep the kids entertained...

lots and lots and lots of new stuff. 3 updates, 4 new stories! Check out "Life Changing", "Lights, Camera, Action!", "Young Perps", "A Father's Duty", "Boynapped", "Unholy" and "Play To Win" ~

Chace was always a big fan of Superman. He didn't know why, but he was always strongly attached to the character for some reason. It was only as an adult that he unlocked one of his early memories - of his dad, coming to his bedroom, in his favorite undies, to give him a "special bottle". By then, Chase already had his own son, and he realized it was the right time to keep the family tradition going...

I'll be back on writing soon as November ends. I'll probably also not update here on baraag so often either, because while I work on the novel, I'll be working on that shota game I've had in development for a few months. I wanna see if I can get a couple of chapters done in that as well, maybe enough to have a demo ready by the end of the year!

just said it on twitter, but - with Halloween/October coming to an end and both my current/in-progress stories properly updated, I'm going to take next month off from writing. Well, actually, the contrary - I'm not going to be updating fics on ao3 because I'll be working on a NaNoWriMo novel in November! And 50k words are kind of a tough nut to crack, so I want to focus on that for the next month. I want to see if I can crank up something that can get published for real someday :p

and thus our kinktober extravaganza comes to an end. what a month!

day 30 - . If stealing your boyfriend's son's underwear is wrong, Dorian Webber didn't want to be right.

day 27 - . If you want to join the Phi Upsilon Chi fraternity, you gotta be willing to do anything - and Teddy Miller definitely was.

officially introducing the concept of magic to the Briarwood Chronicles. Probably won't be using it any time soon; it serves as a tease for the potential (still in early development, aka i only just now finished the prologue) shota game I hope to finish next year

day 24 - . One must always be careful when making deals with faeries. It is always good to read the bottom line.

day 23 - . The Mitchell household only has a few rules, including: don't go through mom's drawers. As Max (and Mark) would find out... some rules are meant to be broken.

you guys know if your account is locked I can't see your replies, right? :p

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