i'm taking 3 requests :) if you have any shota or loli you'd want me to draw comment with samples and pose :) NSFW preferible :D <3 I'll pick the 3 first comments with your OC

Shawn asked his brothed nt to be treated as a kid, so his brther wan't to treat him as a big boy!

Date at the park!
Timmy is having a lovely date with his grandfather who loves him so very much <3

Happy Birthday grandpa!
"Timmy and Grandpa adventures"
I'm actually considering making a comic about them lol

Chess game at the park, that who looses will pay the hotel --
Tim and grandpa adventures (?)

Summer with grampa-
I straightenen Tim's hair bc curls are hard to draw lol

I want to introduce you my OC Timm, he likes to swimm, comics, and to be a good boy :D

i'm still figuring out how this site works :) thank you for your patience

test Image!!!
I'm new in here and I found this site recently, I hope I can share with you guys my work which is basically all about boys eagerad for love <3

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