I hope your days have been sunny!
Prota and friends had a whole lot of fun in the sun. ☀️⛱️
Featuring the OCs of:

Ok, I had to do a proper finished Joker draw... let's see if I can move on now to a different topic :blobmeltsoblove:

Super Shota Squad in the locker room :3 thank you so much to @BaeDreamer for draw my boyos Thiago,Sammy,Alex and my friend @Dharvana oc Jeremiah ❤️


Grah! Quite busy lately, but today I had some time to sketch. I just refined one a bit cuz I want to use it as ava x3 Anyhow, hope you like Joker & Mona today sketches! :catClap:

@Wyattafterdark but I prefer boxer briefs. They're the sexiest and comfiest

Originally part of a sketch dump I did back in 2020, but decided to finish this one of Tommy and Robotboy separately. Only just got around to finishing it.

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