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Rip pawoo. 2017-2022

I've migrated my account, so all my old followers are now safely back in my embrace. None of my posts could transfer over tho, so I'll steadily be reuploading all my old commissions here!

Welp, i gave animation another shot!
Can't quite say i got the hang of it yet xD but at least i managed to finish this!

Ey! I forgot to post raffle winner pic! Here is my take on Caelan, neeks OC!

The son of a wealthy Eorzean family was on what was supposed to be private getaway, when he spotted Motoni on the premises. Being alone, the Hyur suggests playing a "game", and Motoni was more than eager to play along~

he's making his own milky way O_O!

Voyager is so cute @w@ i only fgo wasn't so bad (?)

A break from OCs, here's some fanart of Max from Camp Camp! Is he really trying to make money, or is he just finding a reason to get David alone and be naked?

Hey, just wanna say thanks to all of you who liked my stuff and boosted me, also to the 100+ followers (109.)
It's part of a set, don't know when I'll finish them, but we'll see...
hope you like it.

Part-time job (full time memer): Soba’s modeling gig + Mochi’s briefs fit Soba too

Soba and Mochi share a lot of things… including underwear

The photographer = very sus
(read from right to left)

sfw comic, art is cute, and lead mc is this boy and is canonically gay uwu #shota

Figured i'd draw one of my own characters, Kouta for once xD


-Late Night Viewing-

Marcus stays up late one night, and tries to find something to watch until he comes across a commercial free movie that offers something he didn't know he was looking for...


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It was cold that night and even though he wanted to stay naked his mom made him wear clothes or at least his footie pajamas. Having the flap open and enjoying the breeze, David decided to go to the playroom and dance to some music.

In the second version he managed to stay naked and danced his little heart out in the playroom while listening to music.

Youguys decide which version you like best.

This pic was done by

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