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just wanted to make sure everyone knows that in the animal crossing phone game they added an item called "vacation juice" thats definitely not alcohol and it gets villagers drunk

i wanna tell shinji hes handsome and see how he reacts ☺️☺️☺️😭😭😭😭😷😷


i wish i could put into words the things shinji makes me feel. like the simultaneous overload of both pure sweet heartache and primal caveman lust at the SAME TIME

holy fucking shit that size difference πŸ‘€πŸ’¦

i have nothing against people that draw/are into noncon art, but for me personally it goes beyond just being a turn-off. itturns my stomach, sets something off in me that HATES to see undeserved suffering, and i end up imagining saving the victim and/or destroying the aggressor. i blame having read too many superhero comics in my life, but again i REALLY don't judge or hate people that draw that kind of art at ALL.

idk. i dont have anywhere else to put this thought, and it needed to get out

my friend said that when i think about shinji my brain just makes dialup noises and i replied like "lol but actually its like--" and when i tried to think of a way to describe it i started thinking about shinji and my brain actually literally just. stopped

i fucking hate antis. like this post if you hate antis

someone is drawing a lot of shadow/cream lately and can i say? good.

while im at it actually like. if you think nazis deserve a right to free speech just unfollow me right now. i dont want you here

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i wish this was a joke like im actually lying alone in bed despairing over the fact that i can never tell shinji that i love him. im a grown ass adult man what the FUCK

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im gay 

well my heart/chest decided its peak pining hours i guess

just thinking about how its stated that piloting an evangelion stops aging so shinji will be 14 forever :)

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