@minorcoded i have to say, fosters was not a show i watched/thought of very much when i was younger (watched enough to know some stuff about it tho) and your art has completely captivated me with it

im not normally one for shortstacks but midna hits REAL different

getting shinji addicted to prostate orgasms โ˜บ๏ธ

@puketriton how do you even hold ur head upright without supports, your brain is way too large

2020 isnt all bad i discovered that little succubus boys have "womb tattoos" and good grief is that just wonderful

@minorcoded funny that you use that phrase because your brain is just massive. absolutely unfathomably immense bless you

@puketriton i was initially just going to make a projector joke but honestly your way of drawing luke has led to me also being quite captivated by him

sex addicted tiny delicate lolis taking huge cocks all the way in and getting filled to the brim with cum tho

@SofaKingFael @puketriton oh well yeah of course i mean you GOTTA fuck him. you just gotta

i turned 29 yesterday! which means im now officially more than twice shinjis age and thats so fucking hot

just a 28 year old guy thinking about a certain 14 year old anime boy and how magical it would feel to kiss him

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