agegap slow burn falling in love is like fucking cocaine

im so hungry for shinjis pussy right now ugh

i truly wish i could protect and care for every soft little boywife shota out there. i mean i would also fuck the absolute daylights out of them but only the ones that wanted it. if you know a boywife in need of a caring top i am Here

im not normally one for shortstacks but midna hits REAL different

getting shinji addicted to prostate orgasms โ˜บ๏ธ

2020 isnt all bad i discovered that little succubus boys have "womb tattoos" and good grief is that just wonderful

sex addicted tiny delicate lolis taking huge cocks all the way in and getting filled to the brim with cum tho

i turned 29 yesterday! which means im now officially more than twice shinjis age and thats so fucking hot

just a 28 year old guy thinking about a certain 14 year old anime boy and how magical it would feel to kiss him

the shinji pining is extra tough tonight friends

agegap where its framed as a "secret grown-up game" is unfettered GENIUS

young boys learning about sex and getting addicted to it โ˜บ๏ธ

i love incest but elsanna legit hits different

shinji has a pregnancy kink and every night when we fuck he begs me to knock him up uwu

sometimes i remember that shinji canonically cooks and cleans like a housewife and well. red fucking alert for my heart

i really wish my heart would stop doing stunts whenever i think about shinji

there is NOTHING better than jacking off after like a week or so of not being able to, jesus christ when i came it may have registered on the richter scale

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