shoutout to new pokemon snap for immediately presenting a pair of characters that ABSOLUTELY fuck

gonna need to see some boywife pairings in these bottom shirts lads

if theres a shota or loli with a pussy i 100% guaranteemthat i want to put a baby in them

someone liked a post i made two years ago and it just hit me like. damn ive been on here two whole years nice

satori you the realest, thank you for providing this amazing platform

really they all do but like something about her makes me float away like a leaf

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what youd expect to hear from me: god i want to fuck shinji so bad and cum inside him over and over
what you actually hear: god i want to take shinji out for a nice dinner where i can charm him and make him laugh or smile

agegap slow burn falling in love is like fucking cocaine

i truly wish i could protect and care for every soft little boywife shota out there. i mean i would also fuck the absolute daylights out of them but only the ones that wanted it. if you know a boywife in need of a caring top i am Here

im not normally one for shortstacks but midna hits REAL different

getting shinji addicted to prostate orgasms ☺️

2020 isnt all bad i discovered that little succubus boys have "womb tattoos" and good grief is that just wonderful

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