agegap making out is the hottest thing ever and thats just how it is

*cups my hands around my mouth and also puts a megaphone there* SHOTA PUSSY

i wish i was a seven year old boy in galar being seduced by melony

i wpuld pay any price for melony to ride my face

i know galar dex made shitty cuts but theres still enough mommy pokemon that im able to make a full team of six and honestly thats pretty sexy of them

disney really said incest rights with frozen and i cant help but love them for that

the only thing i liked better in shield than sword were the exclusive gym leaders. shield gets the ice mommy AND the spooky little boy? still worth getting sword tho tbh, pic related

jesus fucking christ bede fucking hot im losing my fucking mind. literally the gayest and most bottom pokemon character in history im going to RUIN his prostate

holy shit a pokemon impregnating its trainer......i never even considered that its so fucking hot @nonya is a genius

honestly its not enough for me to just fuck a shota i also want to spoil them and make them fall in love with me

is there anything better than pussy?

yes, little boy pussy


heres a headcanon for you shinji wears tighty whiteys and i take them off with my mouth

just read a doujin about a mom and shota son who end up in love and fucking bc a man and his gf that they knew like. guided and manipulated things to make it happen, and at the end when she asks him why they did it hes just like "its fun and theyre happy now"

so tl;dr this man is my hero

chun-li's whole pelvic/hip region makes me need to lie down holy fuck just put it ON ME

if god doesnt exist then how do you explain mom/son straight shota? checkmate atheists

i just saw someone post on tumblr about how dipper pines and dib membrane would be best friends, and i felt that someone had to get that frankly galaxy brain idea to the shotacons so here it is

im into hyperconsent. the more the sex is enjoyed by all involved the harder i can get off to it

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