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Redrew Zanfey's reference in celebration of 5 year character birthday!

Pregnant Sex 

I don't know if any of these will make it to lineart!

or is this one better....aaaugh i feel like i lost my touch with Couri pics

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Didn't like how this one came out so here's the crop I did like :anidab_right:

Edited Ari artwork from 2017 so I can keep using it

Magic Science bracelets for fingerbeans!

๐™ฐ๐š›๐š’! It's your birthday today!
Cake and ice cream is on it's way!

Naruto fankids, Mikan and Yuzuko. Half-sisters, half-yokai.

(If you can guess the fathers you get absolutely nothing because oh no my weebery is still obvious isn't it?)

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As for the heart earring-- It's both because she's a huge tease, and her mom is a matchmaker. She likes giving out unsolicited matches that people just don't appreciate!! :blobangery: Even though she's always right! So ungrateful :angry_cirno:

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she has no bedside manner
she has no grace
this genin says you're dying :anidab_left:
to your face :anidab_right:

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Imagine you're in the hospital and this little shit is your nurse and she says right to your face "Oh shit you're probably gonna die lol"

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