New OC, Futa vampire cat girl named Snow. Mind control and impreg before vore.just wanted to post something will have a full may series.

going back to cell shading to try and learn shading as shapes

was studying lizards and came across some monitor lizards then thought "What if kobold?"
Monitor kobolds! Much like lizards IRL it's a much larger species often standing around 3.5 to 4.5 feet.

what was supposed to be a quick face painting practice spiraled into 3 days of work -.- this method takes so long but i like the results

I needed to draw more but got distracted drawing a dozen other things. Decided to work on another character with pony inspirations. No name yet and honestly a little too close to the source character but they look good!

Oh I can just make one here

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Alright y'all I got vacation coming up which means it's time for my next poke girl vore comic. I got two ideas and I'm not sure which to work with.

The first is Hilda and Shauna. A darker rapey story. With a follow up story

The second is Candice and Maylene, willing to unwilling pred/prey swap
Vote should be up for a week

Cassidy has some big friends with very similar interests and who could resist a three some you get to cum in? well it really depends on how you fudge the wording.

Kind of a glow up for Cassidy here and this might be one of my favorite paint jobs i've done to date.
Brenna, the big mare, belongs to slimshod

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