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Please consider commissioning me for your lolishota needs!
(im best reached by twitter DM, discord or email)
Thanks for all your support <3

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If you enjoy the lewd things I create, please consider showing your support~
You can always throw me a kofi:
Or for recurring donations you may become my patron:
I appreciate everyone's kindness, even if it's just boosting my works <3 Thank you for looking!

Did an animation back when the show first started. Decided to finally get it done the weekend~

Larger version here:

Shota jizz tastes like condensed milk 🍼



And with that my commission queue is empty again! please send me an email or discord DM if you'd like me to draw something for you <3

#shota #straightshota #clothedsex #cum #masturbation #facial 

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