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I have slightly updated my price and samples~ Please check it!

loli/shota/furry is welcome~

feel free to contact via discord! -> shamefulcafe#9031

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If you enjoy the lewd things I create, please consider showing your support~
You can always throw me a kofi:
Or for recurring donations you may become my patron:
I appreciate everyone's kindness, even if it's just boosting my works <3 Thank you for looking!

i promise im alive, i just feel like my brains been scrambled for the past month or so

TWEWY anime looks awesome!!
Also i'm legally required to disclose this statement:

BeatRhyme 😈

persona 4 edition :catto_blush:

1. standard
2. standard
3. Fuck your nephew's classmate, you perverted policeman
4. I love the concept of adachi absolutely reveling in demolishing the dojima household (and yes adachi tops dojima)

is it bad that most of my ships are like this ahhahah

(pls make ur own lol i stole this from @prichibot !!! )

I saw this and I.......... just-
It really applies to the gesicht x atom of all my aus..... but for now, here is the priest AU version. :yanagiyuu_heart3:

We should do this a trendπŸ‘πŸ‘

Is art giving me unrealistic standards for my own body and making me depressed as fuck?
Yes, but I didn't say I'd stop looking/drawing

number one toy seller in teyvat! of course he has the BEST for his little brother

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