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Marlene Blowbang [Audio] 🌭

Audio thanks to shadez!
Animation help from my buddy who wants to go as DanschNeiderSFM (I'll let you know when he finally has a page lol)
Nude and clothed alt. Might do more versions later.

Whoops I forgot to post this here
April fools haha

Jesus Christ that flesh pelvis is actually kinda horrifying.

WIP: New Direction

I've discovered the glory that is shota. From now on every Sarah picture will have a cute cock instead of a tight slit.

Full res -

"A mysterious vase that is revered across worlds. The more it is forbidden, the greater it is desired."

Just some dumb pictures, nothing fancy.

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Knotty List 2021 [Audio] [Dog] 🎄 🐶

Over a minute long! Music and no music alts!
Audio thanks to Shadez!

No Music
ZIP with both

Full Resolution -

Santa left this family quite the present this year, though she was just a bit too big to fit under the tree.

Late Christmas image, was too busy to finish and post it the day of, oh well.

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full resolution -

Clem is always happy to help squeeze out that easy one. Anytime, anyplace.

Uncensored MP4 (with audio):

This is a remaster of an old animation who's video file had been lost. I figured it wouldn't be to annoying to just re-render it...and then I opened it ( So I decided to fix that mess, re-do the lighting, spruce up the background, and add audio to it like I originally wanted to. I considered extending it, but I didn't want to spend too much time on something that had already been released.

Full Resolution:

There's an arcade hidden on the North side of town, a hangout spot for the local youth. Open 7 days a week, although every few days they close to the public for "Private Events." They probably just get booked for a lot of birthday parties.

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Animation - Father's Day daughter swap (nude)

This was a collab, Lesdias set up scene, pose, lights, I animated and Shadez added sound.

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The old account was suspended.

This is the replacement if I am not able to get the account back.

Time to rebuild

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