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Calvert and Naveen treating a special customer with the 'vip' menu. One boy doesn't seem too happy, and the other a bit "too" happy.

Idea from Grose's and Kibon's "Peckers" thingy.

Art by my good friend @kirisuto !

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Been watchin Epithet erased and wanted to draw Molly bein a pushover. :blobrainbow:

Full res:

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Quickie of Timmy from the Christmas Special, Timmy's Gift: A Precious Moments Christmas.

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Naveen getting lucky for once, with a certain Fern Moushausen. A scene from my upcoming interactive fiction. Art by @kirisuto!

Cherry Black: Thief, bounty huntress, valley girl.

The 'thief' in the mage and thief interactive I'm planning. It will have hard vore/guro/watersports so if you wish to send this content add me on mypixiv! (

bit of a rant but 

bit of a rant but 

Thanks for the 400 followers!

Check out my friend @kirisuto ! He has been providing much of the art you see here.

Lavender being up to no good, much to Calvert's dismay.

Art by my friend @kirisuto

A character from my hard-vore/oppai loli series. Rozita is a young dragon charmer, which in essence is a sensual belly dancer for the large reptiles.

This series will feature guro/ryona/watersports/hard vore. As such, I will be separating it from my main gallery. If you are interested in it, send me a mypixiv ( ) request; all the content will be posted there~

Art by my friend @kirisuto

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'Calvert was taken aback by the sight: a throng of several young boys, flushed and panting and smiling foolishly, surrounded a tiny little dancer.

She was an albino mousette and her lips curled in pleasure at the drippy attention. Looking at the sheepish new arrival, she cooed to him, โ€œWelcome to the club, cleric boy.โ€ '

A would-be cg scene from my text adventure, which I hope to have the first demo out by next autumn.

This awesome piece was by my g8 m8 @kirisuto

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Boosts appreciated, I need to make rent so I'm putting this up early, my apologies!

10 slots available for this one, any gender, anal only, result will be flat colored clean lineart.

Cum alt version: add 5 USD

Send me a message with the following information if you'd like a slot!

Character name:
Character reference:
Penis color reference:
Additional cum version y/n:
Any additional information or requests:

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Princess Knight Lavender licking off Prince Ramei, while her awkward little brother finishes on her cute face.

Art by @shamefulcafe!

"Gee willikers, Naveen! This seems a little...tight."

Naveen brought some armor for his companion Lavender. It seems slightly tight on her, however.

Art by my friend @kirisuto

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Maya the bee calming a certain rowdy young pirate prince with her charms. ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

Art by @kirisuto !

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