{ kodo | shota } 

devil x angel starring in: the funny

also devils kind of a fat fuck bc yes

{ shota | noncon | gore } 

seems poor little peppermint got a bit cracked thanks to a certain someone... ouchie!

{ shota } 

i like fairy better as a little femboy tbh

ok but. trans lolis and trans shotas 🥺

{ loli | age gap | vore joke } 

bonus shitpost with the biggest form

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{ loli | age gap } 

these are doodles from late june/early july! you can see theyre not as refined as recent things lmao... didnt even have my iconique™️ brushes yet. also, princess isnt chubby enough snhdhshd

anyways, as the demon forms get bigger, so does the cock size~ wonder what the limit is...?

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{ loli | parent/child incest } 

a more artistic doodle of walnut and almond. i may revisit this someday

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that's all for the noncon thread, but i have some older doodles that were from when i first started shipping them too!

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{ blood | noncon | loli | age gap } 

"eventually lilac has enough of waiting and tears off princess's dress, making sure to use some of that fabric to bind her wrists together. wouldn't want her escaping, after all!

princess continues to struggle, but it's all in vain~ now that lilac has overpowered her, there's nothing stopping them from getting exactly what they came here for~!"

- - - - -

in which i make my beliefs clear; if you draw princess as skinny you're simply Wrong

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{ biting | noncon | loli | age gap } 

"since my version of lilac isn't a normal cookie, they can do all kinds of things... they could even bite with a special aphrodisiac venom.

imagine the cute little noises princess would make~! oh, the pain would feel so good with that venom, wouldn't it? but they told her to be quiet...

she's being such a bad girl, isn't she~ she's barely listened at all!"

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{ noncon | loli | age gap } 

"ah~ i can just imagine lilac roughly shoving poor little princess onto the floor as she's left wondering what comes next... we all know, don't we?"

- - - - -

the second image originally had a more discernible expression but it looked kinda weird and im fucking lazy so i just erased the eyes and shadowed the face lmao

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{ noncon | loli | age gap } 

"when trying to get what they want, lilac can certainly be rough... doesn't help that mine is half-demon now does it~"

- - - - -

additional notes i didnt mention before; at first, lilac goes to grab her face, but they miss bc she keeps squirming. that's why the pigtail comes undone :)

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{ noncon | loli | age gap } 

REPOST OF MY LILAC X PRINCESS THREAD, will tack on any and all nsfw doodles of the two i do or have done on top of what i did previously! apologies if this is flooding the cookie run tag, moving accs is weird

and yes princess is a loli here now, fuck you >:3c

(original text below!)

- - - - -

"thread of lilac x princess doodles for an idea me and my partner had. will add onto this over time... for now, we start with this"

{ dubcon | loli | age gap } 

cream puff coerced into getting some "extra credit" after school

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thread! reposting my stuff from my previous account (problematicpompoms)

i'm going to be less anal about locking certain posts this time, but in order to see some cooler stuff, you will still need to follow!

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