This one I legitimately forgot to post, and kinda forgot about entirely.
Wrote this day before yesterday, and then added to it tonight. Still not really satisfied, but it's kinda neat I suppose.

wrote a little something based on magical adventures, which if you haven't heard of, is a korean schoolbook to teach english to kids, so the wording is pretty clunky, and the whole thing is pretty small.
very uncomfortable piece I wrote based on the monologue I wrote about a month back

Franny k stein and hypnosis
I'll be honest, this one was a lil weird. Part of it was that I couldn't imagine franny doing anything sexual without igor, part of it was my mind going to a story called 'programming' (good story, this is basically a 5 minute sum up) part of it was experimenting on trying to hide the sexual stuff in the background.
I won't say it's for everyone, is me point

Hilda getting into some trouble with some animals. Rolled hilda and an owl house story prompt yesterday. Decided today I wanted to write some hilda and just rolled a fetish to add to it.

covid day 10; isabelle writes something to kill time
Not sure if this counts as NSFW... not sure if the actual character comes off right either. Probably just looks more generic than anything

Debs turnbull gets an interesting proposition, entirely in monologue, which is one of the wild cards that I just pick whatever for (but for the record I actually did roll robotboy)
Franny K stein + pet play. This was probably the most fitting roll I've gotten since starting this whole thing, and I'm so glad it landed. I'd originally considered the idea of Igor leading her around as a commission, but I might not do that now. Maybe, we'll see

forgot to post this yesterday
kill la kill and awkward. I'm a little fuzzy on the canon of kill la kill since the last time I'd seen it was around a year ago, but I think it turned out alright.
Some nice awkward, forced, sister on sister action there.

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