me drawing humanizations from a highly specific fandom be like

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take care of your little baby wife and fall in love with her you stupid bastard. run a hand through her soft hair as she sleeps and realize you never want to see her hurt again. catch feelings do it

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this fic had forced marriage with an enemy soldier which is very hot and good on its own but would have been even hotter with baby wife. the inherent horniness of forced marriage where the character with all the power chooses a dainty little thing instead of a hot woman

“sketch” that got out of hand but uuuh, venomous fucks himself over all the time so (noncon)

transparent discord emojis !! loli piss and shota cum !!

feel free to use anywhere in any way


First post!

To be frank, the lack of htf gore porn is shocking to me.

Out of all the fucked up web series I watched as a kid, I think this one made contributed most to my excitement over watching cute things dying horribly.

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day 30- forced to commit rape: were in the homestretch folks! just one more day!! heres some more twincest, this time of the forced variety

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day 28- forced het! tw for misgendering and incest ! haha uhhh i have no excuse for this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sometimes you just gotta go w your garbage kinks

noncon, incest 

day 27- rape through deception. whats a better way of getting your twin brother to fuck you than dressing up for halloween and seducing him while hes drunk? he doesnt have to know!


yesterdays art was a MESS so i combined that and todays prompt so- victim blaming AND multiple orgasms! AND better art!

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day 24- woundfucking/gore! i love guro so much lol. its so much fun!!! tasty!


day 23- recording/livestreaming! you know, half the fun of livestreaming is writing up all the comments so say a prayer for my hand

sorry for the messy sketches. was reminded that zag was born a lot later than the other underworld gods and went feral thinking about size/age diff thanzag.

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