The tallest possible lala is 38.2 inches tall, or 97cm.

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Sach is 34.2 inches tall, or approximately 86.868 centimeters.

I never age played Sach, but if I did I'd make her lewd but I find the coolest kind of young loli :P

Just coming to say good night, I never do but, well, I want now!
Good night all โค๏ธ

I was browsing the mods when I saw the school hat, and it all came to my mind.
Considering this website, I assume a lot of you are into this sort of thing, so it should be fine, I hope you like it.
I never did anything age related with Sach to be honest, but probably because no one asked me to, it's the sort of thing I don't ask too :P

The next pics are just for the extra degenerates, you have been warned!

Ahem, I told y'all I'd have some new pictures, and I bring something different.
It can be both be a cosplay, or real, depends on your degeneracy level *wink*

Or any of the following:
(The Inviting one says "Rape Me", which I'm not a fan of, if I want it's not rape lol)

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Question: What is hotter for the collar, "Slut" or "Daddy's Girl"?

Self reminder to remove the womb tattoo I'm losing interest in it.

Also in dire need of someone to call daddy :P

I will be sadly busy today, but maybe at night I can post more poses? I saw some great ones I want to try.

On your morning stroll through Shirogane, you come across this little lady here, bare naked and with a smirk on her face.
What should you do, I wonder.

Posing on my frontward, because not everything is just porn :P
I do look cute right? Some people are into this duality.

So, what do you think?
My collar? Well, just look a bit closer and tell me what it says...

It's easier to add me and travel there tho, if you're not on the Kugane part of the MSQ, this may be your only option.

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The house is now re-done, it's pretty much the same, with some minor changes, except the outside that is completely different.
House is open to visit as always, plot 23 on the 14th Ward on Shirogane, Coeurl, but it's not that fun to see (unless I'm there :P).

My first house was right when Shirogane dropped, people didn't camp houses in Coeurl back in the day, but after I lost mine, it became quite harder to get one, and since Mist is a "lame" housing plot so that's why it was available, in order it's usually
Shirogane -> Lavender Beds -> Mist -> Goblet
With the first two changing positions, bows to personal preference.

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