Dear friends!
If you have some works please post your artworks here in additional to your & works so that we can do a better defence about and fight the stronger.

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Newish users to follow!

@Valkys (Valkizz/ElRecko's new account)
@Fenixnix (futa/trans and Mabel Pines)
@Rinaweena (loli and cub)
@s1p (Islamic artist)
@Backstreetgirl (loli)
@BlobDrum (loli and Puyo Puyo)
@DuMontClassics (toons)
@tofufuton667 (loli)
@1stguest (loli)
@SARX (loli gangbang)
@Nokilol (Lana enthusiast)
@nerco (loli)

Please enjoy this picture I took, it was the first image I took that made me want to take more pictures.

The white specks that decorate the moon's presence are actually dust on my window, but look like stars.

and website can attract and artworks and can cause to develop acts in socion.

ذات هنر و هنرمند پاک است
The essence of art and artist is clean & pure !
All type of art and all of artists are respectable !

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a touhou OC

this is a request and the character description was "the plainest girl possible"... :cryingcat:

her name is Kahime

@ishadowx Japanese users in particular post censored art because posting it uncensored is illegal in the country itself and can get them into trouble no matter the platform they post it on

@ishadowx because this instance is dedicated to posting things that are banned elsewhere

you can freely find something cute even on twitter

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