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Okay feral content account is all set up! Go check it out if you're interested in that kinda stuff. 🐾

💖 💖

Just wanted to link you guys to my OC info page since I’ve spruced it up a bit recently!!

💖 💖

CW: Brother/Sister Incest 

Fucking on the dining room table when mom & dad could come home any minute now 😰🥴💞💦

[ CW: Incest but it's SFW lol ]

Keith & Taylor kissy 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨💞

Keith (bigger guy) belongs to @cutecorpse !

Okay feral content account is all set up! Go check it out if you're interested in that kinda stuff. 🐾

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I’m noticing I’ve gotten some replies to some of my posts but I can’t see them?? Not sure if it’s something like on Twitter where I can’t see comments left by locked accounts??? Or if it’s just spam or something?? Idk lol

i have some like feral/feral content i wanna post but i'll probs make another account for it bc it feels too different from my normal content.... too furry maybe...... if I end up doing that I'll link you guys to it 👀

CW: Beast 

Iris and Cliff 💏💕💦

They're both werewoofs and they're werewoof married 🐺💍

ok this account is caught up with my twitter in terms of art so i'll start posting 'exclusive' content here soon lol

CW: Brother/Sister incest 

More Nick & Nia 💞💖💦

CW: Brother/Sister Incest 

Nick and Nia at the beach 🏖🥴💞

CW: Father/Son Incest, Dubcon 

Seth is a big guy but his dad is bigger 😳🥴🍆🍆💦💦💦

CW: autoerotic asphyxiation, self harm scars 

Riddler chokies lmao 🥴💦

paw socks and a creampie 🐾🍆💦💦💞

[ OCs Ringo (mine) and Kenta (@cutecorpse) ]

hmmm I think I will do a little dump of stuff already up on twitter so that I can start posting new exclusive stuff here lol

I am kinda using this place as a twitter back up hence why I'm putting stuff that's up on twitter on here as well :)

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